Diablo Cody

Simmons Up For Body

How lucky can one guy get? It’s one thing to basically start your career off working next to Steve Carell (in Evan Almighty), but to go from him to Megan Fox? Johnny Simmons must have some powerful gods on his side.

Seyfried Joins Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox is getting another lovely young lady to share screen time with her when cameras roll on Fox Atomic’s Jennifer’s Body this March up in Vancouver according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer's Body Examined

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the idea behind Jennifer’s Body, the latest film to be scooped up by Fox Atomic for production (“More Jennifer’s Body Info!” – November 2007).

More Jennifer's Body Info!

Some more details about Jennifer’s Body have surfaced over at The Hollywood Reporter that shed light onto the project even more than it was first announced ("Fox to Show Off Jennifer’s Body" – October 2007).

Fox to Show Off Jennifer's Body

The latest film to get snatched up by Fox Atomic is described as Heathers meets Beetlejuice. Personally? I’m sold!