San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Brother and Sister to Collide in Next Season of Dexter

Many twists and turns are coming in this next season of "Dexter". The storyline is more involved than it's ever been before, and not even the cast is aware of where the character arcs are headed. Good thing you have us around to clue you in to some early details of what to expect this fall.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: More Dexter Early Cuts Coming from Comic Legend Bill Sienkiewicz

One of the coolest things about the "Dexter" TV show is its animated prequel web series Early Cuts, and an announcement has come out of Comic-Con that not only is it continuing with six new chapters, but it's also being drawn by award-winning illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz.

Peter Weller Joins Showtime's Dexter

Now we know Dexter Morgan is quite elusive, but damn it, did we have to get Robocop after him? Just think of the showdown possibilities! My money is on Batista jumping in to save Dex. What? Oh, Weller is joining but not as Robocop? That's not nearly as much fun!

2010 Emmy Nominations Include a Few Horror Favorites

Per usual, horror didn't make a particularly strong showing during the announcement of the nominees for 2010 Emmys, but a couple of fan favorites made the cut once again and several stars that we call our own were recognized as well.

SDCC '10: Showtime Prepping Dexter Preview

Yep, it's that time of year again! Plans are slowly being unfurled for what the masses will be checking out at this year's mega event -- the San Diego Comic-Con 2010! One of the first out the gate? Showtime's dark avenger himself -- "Dexter"!

2010 Saturn Award Winners

There weren't a lot of horror films or TV shows honored during the 36th Annual Saturn Awards, presented last night, June 24th, by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, but those that were certainly are deserving.

Dexter Hacked by Jonny Lee Miller

Another new potential victim has signed on for duty on next season's run of the hit Showtime original series "Dexter". One who's used to hacking things in a completely different way.

More New Blood for Dexter: ER's April Lee Hernandez Joins

Another new cast member has joined up for what will no doubt be another harrowing season of the hit Showtime original serial killer series "Dexter", and at least this one is used to spending time in the Emergency Room.

Maria Doyle Kennedy Goes From Tudor to Nanny on Showtime's Dexter

More casting news coming in for the upcoming fifth season of Showtime's smash series "Dexter", and things seem to be rolling along quite nicely for everyone's favorite dark passenger.

Dexter Has His New Bad Guy - Shawn Hatosy

Every good guy, or in this case, every good bad guy needs someone even worse to chase around. "Dexter" has long been a tale of fighting fire with fire, and in the wake of John Lithgow's chilling stint on the show, a new villain has reared his head.

Dexter vs. Jason vs. Hack/Slash? HELL YES!

The wondrous thing about comics is that they can literally do anything and go anywhere. There have been many crossover projects over the years in the illustrated world, but this latest one will own the hearts of horror fans everywhere ... even if it is just a single page.

Julia Stiles Officially Joins Dexter But Julie Benz Isn't Done With Him Yet Either

With the new season of "Dexter" gearing up to give fans more of what they love about the exploits of everyone's favorite family man serial killer, a couple of new developments have popped up, including the return of the nagger!

More Details on the Twilight Zone Comic-Con Exclusives and New Dexter Figures!

The world of plastic gets a swift kick in the ass three times a year. One is at Toy Fair, one is during the holiday season, and the big daddy of them all is at San Diego Comic-Con! Bif Bang Pow has already shown us a small army of bobble-headed freaks marching to the show as we speak, but today they dropped us a line to show off the packaging art for their new "Twilight Zone" Retro Action Figures as well as the newest 7-inch "Dexter" Action Figures!

Entertainment Earth Drops Classic Creeps on the San Diego Comic-Con

We are T minus 10 seconds away from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives announcement explosion, but some companies have already fired the first shot and staked a claim on your hard earned cash. Entertainment Earth is one such sneaky monkey, posting a big box of exclusives via pre-orders on their website. Here's the rundown...

Julia Stiles Stalking Dexter

We don't know about you guys, but we are still REELING from the season finale of Showtime's hit serial killer series "Dexter". Now that Julie Benz is out of the picture, the show has room for a new lioness.