Dexter Season Six Getting Ready to be Officially Tied to the Table

Though it took a while to get cooking, the latest season of the Showtime hit series "Dexter" is totally reaching a very intense boiling point, delivering some of the best TV on the air right now. Are you hungry for more?

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 11 - Hop A Freighter

At the end of last night's episode of "Dexter", the relationship between Dexter and Lumen took a turn that most of us saw coming but still weren't quite ready for. And with just two episodes remaining in Season Five, we suspect a lot of things will be happening soon that the parties involved with aren't ready for either. With that said, here's a look at Episode 11, "Hop a Freighter".

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 10 - In the Beginning

With just three episodes remaining in Season Six of "Dexter", things aren't looking so good for motivational speaker Jordan Chase, but then again, there's that pesky Stan Liddy snooping around Dexter and Lumen, which surely can't end well for any of them. Maybe these two clips from Episode 10, "In the Beginning", will shed a little light on things.

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 9 - Teenage Wasteland; Behind-the-Scenes with Chip Johannessen

Hard to believe there are only four more episodes left of "Dexter" Season Five, but the way things have been heating up for our favorite serial killer and his protégé, we expect this season to go out on a major high. Here are two clips from the upcoming Episode 9, "Teenage Wasteland", along with a new behind-the-scenes chat with showrunner Chip Johannessen.

2011 People's Choice Awards Nominees Announced Today

2010 is starting to wind down, which means it's time for all the various awards shows to begin rearing their heads. First up are The People's Choice Awards, which have a new category this go-round for Favorite Horror Movie. Here are some of the genre nominee highlights:

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 8 - Take It

Those who were worried that this season of "Dexter" might be taking a slight backseat to the stellar Season 4 should be sighing with relief about now thanks to the great job being done by both the series regulars and the numerous guest stars, in particular Julia Stiles. And it looks like Episode 8, "Take It", is going to continue the high quality seen thus far.

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 7 - Circle Us; Behind the Scenes of Web Series Early Cuts: Dark Echo

We're already halfway through Season Five of "Dexter", and Dex has found himself in one sticky situation after another. From the sound of it, things aren't going to get much better for him in Episode 7, entitled "Circle Us", for which we have two new previews.

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 6 - Everything Is Illumenated

Just the title alone of Episode 6 of Showtime's "Dexter" tells us we haven't seen the last of Julia Stiles' character, which is fine with us. She's already giving Dex a run for his money, and we couldn't be more pleased with the direction of this season. How about a couple of sneak peeks of Ep. 6?

Watch All Six Episodes of Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo

The prequel web series to Showtime's popular "Dexter", known as Early Cuts, is back with its second season, "Dark Echo", and we have all six episodes for you to watch right here! From the Press Release:

DEXTER The Game HD Now Available for the iPad

Marc Ecko Entertainment announced today that "DEXTER The Game HD" for iPad is now available in the Apple App Store. The game, based on Season One of the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated Showtime television series “Dexter”, is offered at $7.99. From the Press Release:

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 5 - First Blood; a Chat with Executive Producer Chip Johannessen

Now that the viewers of Showtime's "Dexter" have a better idea of exactly how Julia Stiles' character, Lumen, is fitting in this season, showrunner/executive producer Chip Johannessen has filmed a short interview discussing Dexter's relationship with her, which you can see here. In addition, we have two sneak peeks of next week's episode, "First Blood".

Two Previews of Dexter Episode 4 - Beauty and the Beast; Artist Pogo's Dexter Music Video

At the end of Episode 3 of "Dexter", we learned how Julia Stiles' new character would be introduced into the mix, and it looks like she's figuring prominently in Episode 4, especially given its title of "Beauty and the Beast". Check out two sneak peeks of the ep along with a not-to-be-missed music video compilation of Seasons 1-4 by artist Pogo.

Preview Clips for Dexter Episode 3, Practically Perfect, and a Look at His Kill Room

Episode Three of the fifth season of Showtime's "Dexter", entitled "Practically Perfect", premieres this coming Sunday, October 10th, and we've got two sneak peeks of the ep along with a video of the show's cast and crew talking about Dexter's sacred world: "The Kill Room".

Two Preview Clips for Dexter Episode Two, Hello Bandit, and a Chat with Chip Johannessen

Episode Two of the fifth season of Showtime's "Dexter", entitled "Hello Bandit", premieres this coming Sunday, October 3rd, and we've got two sneak peeks of the ep along with a chat with the show's new Executive Producer, Chip Johannessen, who discusses Dexter's first words at Rita's crime scene and how Dexter grieves after her death.

Dexter Central: Prep for the Season 5 Premiere on Sunday on Showtime!

Do you remember how you felt when you watched the devastating season finale of "Dexter" last year? For me it was the entire 7 stages of grief in those few minutes. Who knew a TV show could make such an impact? It's a testament to the immense talents of the cast and crew of "Dexter". Even after many months since that episode aired, the shock still hasn't subsided completely.