Despite the Gods

Fantasia 2012 Image Explosion: Blood-C, Chained, Crave, Despite the Gods, The Human Race, Dead Sushi

Okay, kids! Strap in! With the Fantasia Film Festival speeding at us like a freight train of genre lunacy, we've got a ton of images and artwork to lay on you cats so pull up a seat and dig on new stuff for Blood C, Chained, Crave, Despite the Gods, The Human Race, and Dead Sushi!

One-Sheet Premiere for Despite the Gods

Just days after the trailer debut for the documentary flick Despite the Gods, based upon the making of Jennifer Lynch's film Hisss, we now have the artwork. Dig it.

Jennifer Lynch Continues to Hisss with Despite the Gods

If you've ever seen Jennifer Lynch's film Hisss about a snake who turns into a woman who turns into a snake, then you know one thing... the flick was terrible. There was lots of drama surrounding the production, and in the end it was taken away from Carpenter in the editing stage. Get ready for some dirty documentary laundry!