Dervla Kirwan

Entity Officially Haunting New Home

Some quick distribution news has come our way for the latest chiller out of the UK, the Steve Stone spooker Entity, and it could not have found a better home to begin its haunting. Read on for details.

AFM 2012: New Stills from Steve Stone's Entity

We originally brought the Steve Stone spooker Entity to your attention way back in July, and now, just in time for AFM 2012, we have several new stills for you to dig on along with the trailer and sales art.

New Trailer, Stills, and Website for Steve Stone's Entity

Upon watching the first five seconds of the trailer for Steve Stone's Entity, you'll probably think, "Please, not another cookie-cutter found-footage horror film." However, by the time it finishes, you may find yourself writing your local film festival and demanding they schedule this little nightmare.