Dennis Quaid

U.S. Horsemen Trailer

The other day we pointed you guys to the international trailer for The Horsemen, the next original film from Platinum Dunes after The Unborn. Finally a U.S. trailer for it has shown up so you can actually understand what’s being said now!

International Horsemen Poster

Below you can see the international poster for The Horsemen, one of the first original products of Platinum Dunes. For whatever reason it’s getting no love from its U.S. distributor, Rogue Pictures, so we still have no idea when it’ll be out here, but the Italians are all over it!

The Horsemen Trailer Rides In!

We just received word from the guys over at Bad Taste that they've posted the first trailer for Platinum Dunes’ The Horsemen! The site is in Italian so the trailer likely is as well (I can’t watch it to verify where I am), but at least we’re finally seeing more movement on this!

Pics & Date for Platinum Dunes' The Horseman

A nice crop of pictures for Platinum Dunes' other horror film that's not called Friday the 13th or The Unborn just hit online and as expected we have some directions for you to go and check them out!

First Pics From Pandorum

The hipsters over at Entertainment Weekly have gotten their virtual hands on the first pics from Christian Alvart’s Pandorum, his sci-fi epic that stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster as a pair of crew members who awaken on a spaceship with no knowledge of who they are or why they’re there.

Arias on Apocalypse Movie Legion

One can’t help but wonder about the myriad of problems Screen Gems has with the upcoming Dennis Quaid apocalypse movie Legion. The other day it was announced the film wouldn’t see the light of projectors until January 22nd, 2010, even though it's been done for months. Co-star Yancey Arias doesn’t feel there’s anything wrong with it at all, however.

Alvart's Pandorum Finds Cash

After finally finishing Case 39, which seems like it’s been being made for years now, Antibodies helmer Christian Alvart won’t have to wait for the cash to come in to jump right into his next project, the Dennis Quaid/Ben Foster thriller Pandorum.

Quaid, Foster on Alvart's Pandorum

Imagine this scenario: You wake up, unsure of who you are or what has happened. Slowly you come to the realization that not only are you not where you fell asleep, you’re actually in a spaceship hurtling through the stars. And then you get around to finding something that may threaten mankind as a whole, just to make matter more interesting. Welcome to Pandorum.

Cast Set for Apocalyptic Legion

Who do you think could stop an apocalypse that was set to take place because God lost faith in his creation (humans, not kangaroos)? I mean, really, if God wants to wipe us out, I doubt there’d be much that could talk him out of it. But that’s why we have fictional stories about the end of days; to prove my ass wrong!

Bettany Joins the Legion

The trades are reporting this morning that Paul (The Da Vinci Code) Bettany has signed on to star in the Screen Gems thriller Legion, the feature directing debut of visual effects house Orphanage co-founder Scott Stewart, who also penned the script with Peter Schink.