Deneen Melody

A Cult of Indie Scream Queens Crash onto DVD

So how does this grab you ... twelve stories of horror, sex, murder, and mayhem. Over two hours of everything from psychological thrillers to psychosexual killers! Cheerleaders to zombies! Get the idea? Now how about a gaggle of indie scream queens thrown in to further sweeten the pot? We thought all that would grab your attention, and you'll be getting that and then some with the new short film compilation DVD, Cult Volume 1.

Garry Charles and Ron Purtee Team up for Inside

Garry Charles, author of Hammerhead: A Summer of Massacre, has joined forces with Ron Purtee, creator of The Social Media Massacre, and the dastardly duo have announced their upcoming film collaboration Inside.

Astro Noir: The Fixers Character Artwork and Series Teaser

Pulp styled, animated web series "Astro Noir: The Fixers" has released a teaser video and some character profiles offering the first look at the concept art by creator Jason Heath. Starring Deneen Melody, Kitsie Duncan, and Brian Shirley, "Astro Noir" takes us back to take us forward!