New Torture Chamber Stills Bring the Pain

What would a holiday weekend be without a little mayhem, maiming and torture? Kind of dull methinks. That's why we've scored some new imagery along with a brand new synopsis for Dante Tomaselli's long awaited chiller Torture Chamber. Dig it!

New Torture Chamber Stills Will Have You All Burned Up

Some fresh stills from Dante Tomaselli's long awaited Torture Chamber have made their way online, and we're here to scoop 'em up and bring 'em to you while they're still piping hot out of the oven!

AFM 2011: New Stills from Dead Before Dawn

Demons. Zombies. Zemons. Finally someone is speaking our language! Sit back, kids, and get ready to dig on some brand spanking new eye candy for the next undead laced filmic experience rockin' Christopher Lloyd!

New Torture Chamber Stills and Update

Director Dante Tomaselli dropped us a line this morning with some new stills and a quick update on his long awaited flick Torture Chamber, and we have all the goods for you right here! Dig it!

New Dark Souls Trailer Will Have You Dying Over and Over Again

Some video games pride themselves on graphics. Some gameplay. But Dark Souls? It's all about the ridiculous difficulty level. If frustration leading to a sense of accomplishment is your bag, brother, you've hit pay dirt!

Fourth Dark Souls Prologue Video Takes You Through a Strange World

Ready for more demonic goodness from the land of Dark Souls? Then get ready for a fourth prologue video that's guaranteed to get the old ticker pumping. Behold!

Dragons Set the Night on Fire in Third Dark Souls Prologue Video

Another little glimpse into the world of Dark Souls has been revealed. This time around, witness the fall of the dragons. If this is how is begins, I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Fantastic Fest 2011: Three New Character Posters for Manborg

Making its premiere at Austin's film festival of complete and total badassery, Fantastic Fest 2011, is the cool looking indie flick Manborg, which we first told you about way back in May of 2010. Time has passed. Posters have come. Get to peepin'.

Second Dark Souls Prologue Video Adds to the Chaos

Time to dig a bit deeper into the world of Dark Souls with the second in a series of prologue videos. On tap today - we take a deeper look at the story behind the game. Dig it!

Jezebeth Creators Wrapping TV Pilot; Wanna Help Out?

Demonic summonings, battles between good and evil, a cup which runneth over with hotties…The Jezebeth franchise has it all. It's a feature film, musical experience, and potential television series. And if you're going to be in the Chicago area on September 10, you could be part of the action.

Dark Souls Prologue Video Begins the Chaos

Yet another bit of eye candy has crawled out of the dungeon and made its way online for the upcoming tough-as-nails video game Dark Souls, and we've got your first look at how it all begins!

Meet Bartholomew in New Dark Souls Trailer

Dark Souls wants to destroy you. This spiritual successor to 2009’s brutally difficult Demon’s Souls looks to be bringing back the soul crushing, confidence shattering, controller smashing insanity of its predecessor ... and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

April Mullen's Dead Before Dawn with Christopher Lloyd Introduces Us to Zemons

Word of a new Canadian indie horror film (in 3D of course) has hit the Net, and several things about it caught our eye. First off, Christopher Lloyd is part of the ensemble cast, it's being directed and co-produced by the highly regarded young actress April Mullen ("Howie Do It"), and it introduces a new concept to horror fans: zemons!

Jezebeth's World Premiere to Be Held in Chicago on June 5th

We received word recently that the world premiere screening of vampire horror film Jezebeth will be held at the Portage Theater in Chicago on Sunday, June 5, 2011. This historic theater can seat up to 1,400 people and has a giant screen that will bring the demon Jezebeth to viewers in a larger than life presentation.

Weekend of Horrors 2011: Lamberto Bava Talks Demons 3 and Argento's Dracula 3D

Some news is coming out of L.A.'s big genre dance, the Creation Weekend of Horrors, and of course we were on the scene to bring you the goods. Read on for all the details fit to print!