Delusion: The Crimson Queen

Dread Central Takes Another Look at Delusion

On October 11th, this writer (and his better half) visited the interactive horror play Delusion: The Blood Rite in Los Angeles, CA, and we both came away thinking, “This is the most entertaining, engaging, inventive, creepy, and downright fun, live-action horror experience I’ve ever had.”

Dread Central Takes on Delusion: The Blood Rite

Last year, famed Hollywood stuntman Jon Braver unleashed DELUSION onto unsuspecting Los Angelinos. It was a unique hybrid between live theatre and a haunted attraction that sent you running for your life through a creepy mansion full of psychopaths and death-defying stunts.

Neil Patrick Harris Celebrates Halloween with Delusion: The Crimson Queen; Auditions Under Way

Last October I traversed all the haunted attractions Southern California had to offer -- and the biggest stand-out was DELUSION: an interactive play that puts you in the midst of some of the most jaw-dropping mayhem this writer has ever seen performed live.