Deliver Us From Evil

Box Office: The Purge May Become an American Box Office Tradition

Thus far this year not a single horror movie has been able to gross more than $33 million. The Purge: Anarchy nearly topped that in its opening weekend. Perhaps purging is on its way to becoming an American tradition after all.

Did Deliver Us from Evil Deliver Us from the Horror Box Office Slump?

To say the horror genre on the big screen is currently in a slump would be an understatement. Did the first wide release fright flick in two months, Deliver Us from Evil, finally put an end to that downward trend this Fourth of July weekend?

Exclusive On Set Interview: Joel McHale - Deliver Us From Evil

Fans of "Community" and "The Soup" might be surprised when they see the Joel McHale that’s appearing in the supernatural thriller Deliver Us from Evil when it debuts this week in theaters everywhere...

Exclusive On Set Interview: Scott Derrickson - Deliver Us From Evil

Scott Derrickson, as evidenced by this interview, is one of the most thoughtful, sure-handed American directors the genre has working in the field today. If you’re not convinced of that after Sinister alone, then Deliver Us From Evil just might make you a believer.

Deliver Us From Evil Review Delivered

The verdict is in on this weekend's July 4th horror offering, Deliver Us from Evil. Does it possess a great deal of bang for your buck, or does its fuse fizzle out before launching? Read on for our take, and tell us your own in the comments section below.

Exclusive On Set Interview: Eric Bana - Deliver Us From Evil

Eric Bana’s latest role as real-life NYPD Officer Ralph Sarchie finds the accomplished Aussie actor firmly entrenched in a world where evil goes way beyond the typical street crime and routine arrest. As a cop with South Bronx's 46th Precinct in the Nineties, Sarchie had seen it all...

Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

Starring Eric Bana, Joel McHale, Sean Harris, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn Directed by Scott Derrickson

Exclusive Video Interviews - Deliver Us From Evil: Eric Bana, Olivia Munn, and More!

We are getting closer to the release of Scott Derrickson's new chiller Deliver Us from Evil, and to help usher the film in, we have several video interviews for you guys to digest as our own Staci Layne Wilson sits down with the principals!

See the Evil in this Quick TV Spot for Deliver Us from Evil

It's barely 15 seconds long, but this new TV spot for Deliver Us from Evil makes some pretty impressive comparisons and big claims. Will it be "disturbing enough to unsettle your sleep for weeks"? We'll find out on Wednesday!

New Deliver Us From Evil TV Spot Wants to Know What You Believe

Another TV spot for Deliver Us from Evil has been unleashed onto the airwaves, but you don't have to wait to catch it during whatever you're watching on the boob tube. Just click here. I totally just dated myself with the term "boob tube," right? Getting older sucks.

Short Documentary Tells True Story Behind Deliver Us From Evil

As you're probably aware, upcoming horror flick Deliver Us from Evil was inspired by the real-life story of retired NYPD sergeant Ralph Sarchie, who also worked as a demonologist. Needless to say, he's seen his fair share of horrifying shit with those accounts serving as the basis for the film.

Deliver Us From Evil - Nearly 3 Dozen Images; New Clips

If you're looking forward to Deliver Us from Evil as much as we are, you now have two choices... check out these three clips and nearly three dozen images, or hold out and save it for the theatre. Us? We're trying to resist, but man is it hard!

How Will You React to this New Promo for Deliver Us from Evil?

Deliver Us from Evil could be closing in on the prize for most TV spots and promos released before its premiere date... and we still have ten more days to go! In the meantime check out today's offering, which includes some audience reactions to the film.

NSFW Deliver Us from Evil SPOILERS: Over a Dozen Bloody Images

Be warned, dreadies! The following images from Scott Derrickson's Deliver Us from Evil are not only NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but they could be considered pretty spoiler-filled. They come from FX artist Mike Marino, and you can check 'em out at your own risk!

New TV Spot Will Deliver Us From Evil

The latest TV spot for Deliver Us from Evil just hit the interwebs in anticipation of the film's July 2nd release, and we have every pixel of it right here for your perusal. Turn on your nightlight, grab your Bible, and check it out!