Countdown to Defiance: More Behind-the-Scenes Videos and a Twitter Chat with Julie Benz

Here it is - the last installment in our Countdown to "Defiance", which features a new trailer, a slew of behind-the-scenes videos, and co-star Julie Benz answering fans' Twitter questions about the show.

Countdown to Defiance: Watch a Beastly New Trailer

Zero hour is upon us as "Defiance" prepares for its debut tonight on Syfy, and we have a look at the network's most recent promo trailer for the series, which provides a quick overview of what's in store for those of you who take a chance on this first-of-its-kind interactive video game/TV show crossover.

Countdown to Defiance: Video Blow-Out - Meet More Characters and Go Behind the Scenes

Ready for more insight into what's heading our way on Monday when "Defiance" premieres on Syfy? We have a video bonanza that introduces more characters and goes behind the scenes so get comfortable and stick around for a while.

Countdown to Defiance: Character Poster Gallery and More on the TV Show/Video Game Crossover

Kick off your Saturday morning with a look at our gallery of character posters for Syfy's "Defiance," and then hear more about how the TV show/video game crossover works from Rob Hill, Senior Producer at Trion Worlds.

Countdown to Defiance: Hear from Stars Julie Benz and Grant Bowler and Language Creator David Peterson

Our countdown to Monday's premiere of "Defiance" continues with a pair of video interviews with stars Grant Bowler and Julie Benz as well as David Peterson, who created the alien languages for the show.

Countdown to Defiance: Meet Jeb Nolan and Stahma Tarr; See Syfy's Upfront Trailer

The spring TV "Upfronts," during which the networks reveal their upcoming line-ups, are under way, and as part of Syfy's presentation, they released a new trailer for "Defiance." In honor of the show's premiere on April 15th, we have it here along with videos introducing Jeb Nolan and Stahma Tarr.

You Can't Resist this Big Batch of Trailers for Syfy's Defiance

We're just days away from the April 15th debut of "Defiance" on Syfy, and the network has released a big batch of trailers for the show; most are new, and others are updates of what we've seen already. So pour yourself some coffee or tea, get comfortable, and check 'em all out!

Get a Longer Look at What's Ahead in this New Trailer for Syfy's Defiance

Gamers are already immersed in the world of "Defiance," and in just one week everyone else will be able to see what all the fuss is about when the TV element of the crossover project premieres on Syfy. Curious? Get a look at what's ahead in this new trailer for the series.

Defiance Looks Like a Great Place in This New Trailer and Image Gallery

More goods have come in for Syfy's April 15th launch of the TV show portion of its massive video game crossover series "Defiance," and with its promise of secrets and lies, we have to say the rough and tumble town of Defiance looks like a pretty great place.

New Defiance Trailer Introduces Julie Benz's Character Amanda

After watching three episodes of "Defiance," one thing's sure - it's damn good to see Julie Benz back on our TV screen. If you'd like a taste of what she's up to on the show, here's a new trailer that introduces her character, the tough-as-nails town of Defiance's even tougher leader, Amanda.

The Future Is Now With Defiance; Watch the Launch Trailer!

Defiance is now available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Players will join the Shadow War in a futuristic open world shooter, and this new launch trailer will brief you for the mission ahead...now move out, Ark Hunters!

Defiance Launches Today! Learn More about the Video Game/TV Show Crossover's Challenges, Languages and Cultures, Soundtrack, and Lots More!

"Defiance" is a highly anticipated TV series/video game crossover project from Syfy and Trion Worlds with the game being released today, April 2nd, and the show premiering on April 15th.

Get to Know 'This Place' in the Latest Teaser Trailer for Syfy's Defiance

Gamers are anxiously awaiting Tuesday's release of Defiance, and as for the TV component arriving April 15th on Syfy, we've seen three episodes, and they have enough horror elements (hellbugs and the like) to keep the genre crowd entertained. Curious? Check out a new teaser trailer.

Watch the First 14 Minutes of Syfy's Defiance

We've been covering the video game aspect of Syfy's new series "Defiance" for a while, and now it's time to focus a bit on the show itself. Check out a new trailer, a "making of" video, and the first 14 minutes of the premiere right here!

Check Out the Weapons and Modifications of Defiance with New Video

Defiance is set to release on April 2, 2013 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Players will step into a futuristic world where the Earth is relying on your Ark Hunter abilities and skills to survive.