Deep Dark

Creepy Teaser Trailer Takes You Into the Deep Dark

It's so rare that a movie comes along with a totally original premise, and when one does, we take big time note here on Dread. Such is the case with Deep Dark, which looks and sounds absolutely wild. Read all about it, and check out the creepy first teaser!

Check Out These Exclusive New Images From Indie Thriller Deep Dark

We recently heard from the fine folks behind the indie thriller Deep Dark, who have provided us with two exclusive stills to share. Check 'em out now! The voices coming from that dark hole in your room demand it!

New Deep Dark Images Finger its Hole

And the award for dirtiest sounding headline of the day goes to... Hey, it's Hump Day! Whattaya expect? That being said, check out these two new stills from the indie flick Deep Dark.

First Deep Dark Look at Sean McGrath

Ever be sitting alone in your room when all of a sudden you hear a voice emanating from a dark hole beside you? If you were in the 1977 soft-porn classic Chatterbox, this wouldn't be too much of a problem, but in Deep Dark? Yeah, not good.