Dee Wallace

Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard Opens Everywhere Online

We just got a heads up that the official website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for ZK: Elephant's Graveyard has opened up online, and you can visit all three right now to get yourself up-to-speed on all things zombie killer related!

Howling, The (Collector's Edition Blu-ray)

Starring Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Christopher Stone, Elisabeth Brooks, Robert Picardo

Exclusive: Dee Wallace and Billy Zane to Fight the Undead in the Elephant's Graveyard

Filmmaker Harrison Smith (Dead.tv) has another tale of terror on the horizon, and it could very well be his most ambitious project to date. Read on for the exclusive first word and artwork for Elephant's Graveyard.

Take a Bite Out of the Trailer for RoboCroc

For the majority of this trailer you’ll probably find yourself thinking this film looks like a Syfy knock-off of Piranha 3DD but with a crocodile terrorizing a water park instead. Except this is no ordinary crocodile - it’s RoboCroc!

Hansel & Gretel (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Dee Wallace, Stephanie Greco, Brent Lyric Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante

Exclusive: Dee Wallace Discusses the Enduring Legacy of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and More

While it not may necessarily be a horror film, there's no arguing the longstanding effects of Steven Spielberg's modern sci-fi classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and how it defined a generation of cinema and still continues to capture the hearts and imagination of movie lovers all over!

Hansel & Gretel Enter Dee Wallace's House of Horrors

We’re used to seeing Dee Wallace as the heroine being terrorized in a myriad of horror films. A new take on the classic fairy tale Hansel & Gretel will let her do the terrorizing for a change, and she may have worse things is store for the brother and sister besides cannibalism.

TIFF 2012: Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem - Read the Review!

The waiting is over, and the verdict is here! Does Rob Zombie's latest film, The Lords of Salem, shape up into everything we have been hoping for? Has the director finally been unchained from the Hollywood leash?

TIFF 2012: Video of Lords of Salem Q&A with Rob Zombie and More!

Small video cameras and YouTube have enabled fans to be everywhere at any time. Such is the case with the Toronto International Film Festival's Q&A with Rob Zombie after the premiere of his latest film, The Lords of Salem (expect a review soon).

TIFF 2012: First Look at Jeff Daniel Phillips in Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

We're getting closer to the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem (expect a review soon), and to keep you geared up for the flick, we've got a brand new still to share! Dig it!

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Has Us Seeing Red

Director Rob Zombie continues on with his colorful ways with this latest one-sheet for his new film, The Lords of Salem. Look for it to premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Dig it!

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Comes Our Way

The Lords are coming! The Lords are coming! The Lords are coming! We just hope that by the time they finish, they'll clean up after themselves. In any event, check out the new teaser one-sheet for the next film from Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem.

Tip of the Scalpel to The Howling - A Movie to Bark at the Moon For!

Man at bar: Hey, Ernie? Put that pepper steak on for me, would ya? And a hamburger for the lady. Ernie: How do ya want that? Man at bar: How do you want it, honey? Marsha Quist: Rare.

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Sporting Sheri Moon and Her Otis Complex

We're as excited as can be to see a new and original film from Rob Zombie, and at this year's TIFF we'll be getting just that when The Lords of Salem makes its debut. We just wish one of Sheri's looks in the flick didn't remind us so much of Otis from the end of House of 1000 Corpses.