Debbie Rochon

Unlock the Trailer for Jon Keeyes' Nightmare Box

We love it when we come across a cool indie trailer that looks like it has the potential to be a kick-ass film, and Nightmare Box just sent one to our inbox. Take a look at the crazy shenanigans going on here.

Doctor Gash to Host Chainsaw Sally Season 2, Part 2 on Constellation.tv this Friday

Dread Central's own Doctor Gash (me!) returns to the Constellation.tv screening room this Friday to bring you the conclusion of The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season 2. The show's stars, JimmyO and April Burril, will be on hand and featured live during the Q&A after the film.

Dread Central's Online Film Screening Series on Constellation.tv - The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2, Part 1, With JimmyO and April Burril TONIGHT!

Doctor Gash returns tonight, 7/20, with the Dread Central Online Film Series at Constellation.tv. Watch the first half of The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season 2.

Dread Central's Online Film Screening Series on Constellation.tv Presents The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2, Part 1, With JimmyO and April Burril

Doctor Gash returns this Friday, July 20th, to host the next installment of the Dread Central Online Film Screening Series on Constellation.tv.

Dig Some Stills From the Upcoming Film Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas

Indie superstars are uniting to form the cast of the upcoming holiday movie Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas. The film will premiere on June 30th in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Fright Night Film Festival.

Debbie Rochon to Make Her Directorial Debut With Model Hunger

Legendary horror actress and one of our personal favorites around here, Debbie Rochon, will be making an exciting leap to the other side of the camera when she makes her directorial debut with Model Hunger later this year.

Debbie Rochon Named Honorary Chairperson of the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival

Much beloved indie actress Debbie Rochon has been named the Honorary Chairperson of the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, which expands to six days in its third year, October 17th–22nd at the Market Arcade Film and Arts Centre in downtown Buffalo, NY.

Cast of The Chainsaw Sally Show Talk Season 2 and Beyond

The Chainsaw Sally Show recently aired the final episode of their eagerly anticipated web series' Season 2. The stars of the production were gracious enough to sit down with Dread Central and talk about the adventures of creating this indie production.

Indie Horror Month Tip of the Scalpel: Debbie Rochon

"I made the choice to do indie films, and I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve had much better roles than a lot of the women that are working in Hollywood because I get to do the sort of crazy, nutty characters... like in American Nightmare I play a psycho serial killer. Very seriously. Not for laughs. I get to play really good roles, and that’s why I’ve always been drawn to it."

Trailer Arrives Online for Gallery of Fear

The official trailer for horror anthology film Gallery of Fear just arrived online, and it contains an amazing amount of screaming, creepy characters doing bad things to each other. The film is made up of four stories, and the lovely Debbie Rochon ties them all together as Ms. Roberta Van Houten.

There's a Slime City Massacre Heading to Tampa, Las Vegas, and Buffalo

Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson has announced three new theatrical screenings for Slime City Massacre, his gooey celebration of 1980s cult films which stars Debbie Rochon and Brooke Lewis and features cameos by Roy Frumkes and Lloyd Kaufman, taking place in Tampa, FL; Las Vegas, NV; and his hometown of Buffalo, NY.

The Chainsaw Sally Show Revs Up for Season 2 on January 31st

She's baaaack. Fans of the psychotic, sexy siren with a saw will be thrilled to know that April Monique Burril and friends are ready to launch The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2. Sally and all her friends are back, with more blood-letting, boobs and brutality than ever before. Believe the tagline... "Twice the Blood, Half the Clothes".

Indie Horror Babes Face Off in the Wrath of the Crows

A new psychological horror flick is headed our way from indie director Ivan Zuccon, and it's packing enough blood and eye candy to more than grab our attention. Need proof? Check out the first trailer for Wrath of the Crows.

Gregory Lamberson Has Three New Books and a Feature Film Planned for the New Year

While most of us are just starting to formulate a game plan for the upcoming new year, author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson already has three new books on tap for 2012 as well as a feature film in the works, Scaremonger, starring Debbie Rochon.

First Details and Teaser Artwork for 3 Solitude

Houston-based Group1217, LLC, has announced the beginning of production on new feature film 3 Solitude. The film is being produced by Group1217 co-owners Jesse Kozel and Annette VerHoeven along with producing partners Yvonne Maria Schaefer (YMC Films) and Thomas Raft (Jefatov Films).