Death Troopers

More Star Wars Horrors Coming with Red Harvest

Joe Schreiber, author of Death Troopers, is back with another tale of gore-soaked mayhem in the Star Wars universe ... you know ... if chopping people in half with laser swords, cannibal teddy bears and killing Jedi children were not enough. Red Harvest looks to drop this December, proving the Dark Side can always get just a little darker.

Death Troopers Get Reinforcements

It's been some time since we talked about Death Troopers, the novel by Joe Schreiber where the worlds of horror and the pop culture phenomenon called Star Wars collide. The idea was instantly applauded, though, at the time, it was shocking that Lucas would allow such liberties to be taken with his creations.

Joe Schreiber Talks No Doors No Windows and Death Troopers

Family curses, haunted houses, winter, small towns – Pennsylvania-based horror writer Joe Schreiber seems to be on course to be a contender for Northern Gothic Author of the Year. I was first introduced to Schreiber’s VERY creepy work when his first novel, Chasing the Dead, was published in 2007.

Star Wars REALLY Goes to the Dark Side with Death Troopers

I know ... we're talking about Star Wars on Dread Central. Who thought we'd ever see the day? Writer Joe Schreiber, that's who. With his upcoming book Death Troopers Schreiber intends to take the series where it has never gone before -- into the realm of horror!

Schreiber, Joe (No Doors No Windows, Death Troopers)

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