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Stephen King Responds to Under the Dome Changes; Blu-ray Box Set Packaging Leaked

As is normally the case when a writer's book is adapted in any fashion, there are always changes to be made to the plot, the characters, etc. This usually infuriates some of these fans, and such is the case with CBS' "Under the Dome."

Under the Dome Video Blowout: Recap of the Pilot; Preview of Episode 1.02 - The Fire; Full Premiere Q&A Panel

Last night's airing of "Under the Dome" gave CBS the most-watched summer premiere of any network since 2007, and we have more info on that along with a ton of videos to share so get comfortable!

Meet the Cast and Hear from Stephen King in this Pair of Under the Dome Videos

"Under the Dome" kicks off on Monday, and to help get you ready, we have two new videos, one in which Stephen King introduces the characters and cast, and another that shows King live chatting about "Dome," his career, and the book he's working on now called Revival.

Two More Sneak Peeks of Under the Dome

Two new clips from CBS' upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome" popped up on the Net today, and while one is a bit talky, the other delivers the gory goods horror fans are hoping for. Check 'em both out right here!

Under the Dome Character Profiles, New Sneak Peek, and Stephen King's Take on the Show

We're just a week and a half out from the premiere of the CBS adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome," and on tap for you today we have some character bios, a new sneak peek, and Stephen King giving his behind-the-scenes take on the show.

Scenic New Under the Dome Artwork

Another poster has come our way for the CBS adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome," and being that we're outside of the bubble, we were able to grab it for you! Seriously, do they get the Internet under that thing?

Natalie Zea Joins Under the Dome in a Pivotal Role

If you watch "Justified," "The Following," and/or "Californication," you know how versatile an actress Natalie Zea is, and now she's bringing her talents to CBS' upcoming "Under the Dome." Read on for the details!

The UK's Channel 5 Acquires Rights to Under the Dome

In the UK and wondering when you might be able to see "Under the Dome," which begins airing in the US on June 24th? Well, wonder no longer as Channel 5 has closed a deal with CBS Studios International to acquire the exclusive first-run UK broadcast rights to the show.

Slide in Under the Dome to See our Image Gallery from the Pilot

Pretty much all of us here at Dread Central are looking forward to seeing "Under the Dome" when it premieres in a few weeks on CBS. If you're planning to join us, here's a look at a big batch of images from the pilot to get you even more excited.

No Way In or Out of These Under the Dome Character Posters

Despite CBS not being very horror-friendly, we're looking forward to seeing its adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome." We do know they're not shy about promoting the show since we found some billboard-sized character posters in our travels around LA. Check 'em out!

A Few Teasers of What's Ahead in Under the Dome

CBS screened a first look at "Under the Dome" earlier this week, and teasers of what's ahead have been popping up online so we've compiled a Top Five list right here along with info on where you can find the rest.

Official Under the Dome One-Sheet Tugs at the Heartstrings

You know what's weird? We could watch movies with people of all ages getting torn to shreds all day while having an absolute blast of a good time, but show us an image of a sad animal and we get all pouty. That being said, this latest "Under the Dome" art makes us sad pandas.

Stephen King Talks Under the Dome and What Scared Him as a Child

With Stephen King's "Under the Dome" getting closer, the prolific and much beloved author recently sat down for an interview with Parade Magazine to talk about the show as well as what stories scared him as a youngster.

Watch an Extended Preview of Under the Dome

CBS is pretty light on horror these days, but we do have "Under the Dome" to look forward to next month. Check out an extended preview of the show, which premieres June 24th.

A New Look Under the Dome

This week's Entertainment Weekly is home to a new official still from Stephen King's "Under the Dome." It has that whole Spielberg looking up in a state of wonder vibe going for it, too, so click away and check it out!