British Slasher Film Deadtime Gets Censored in the UK

First A Serbian Film then The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) and now the UK is censoring one of their own flicks. We've just gotten word that the British film Deadtime had to have footage removed to make the necessary BFFC18 rating.

It's Deadtime for a New UK DVD Release

Those of you looking for your next low budget shock fix need look no further than this mix of rock ‘n roll, laughs and horror set in the East End of Laahndan Taaaahhn! Deadtime hits DVD on May 14th loaded with an unusual British cast and a few decent extras to boot!

New Trailer and Website: the UK's Rockin' New Horror Flick DeadTime

More goodies out of Tony Jopia's camp for his latest flick, DeadTime! The flick that promises that heads will rock and roll, has gotten itself a brand spanking new website and teaser trailer! Dig it!

Teaser Trailer Debut: DeadTime

A teaser trailer for Chilean-born director Tony Jopia's bloody British horror tale DeadTime has reared its ever screaming head, and we've got your chance to dig on it right here!

Big Joe Egan Knocks Us into Deadtime

Know what interests us? When the "toughest white man on the planet" makes a horror movie. That's what interests us. And the makers of Deadtime are hoping it will interest you too ... if you know what's good for you!