Deadly Revisions

New Teaser Trailer Offers Up Deadly Revisions

We've been talking about Gregory Blair's Deadly Revisions for some time here on Dread Central, and we're excited to report that the film is now complete and gearing up to slash its way onto the festival circuit. Read all about it, and then check out the new teaser trailer, fiends!

Deadly Revisions Completes Production and Releases a Batch of New Stills

We haven't mentioned Gregory Blair's Deadly Revisions for quite some time, but now that it has completed production, an update has come as well as a batch of new stills featuring the film's star, Bill Oberst, Jr.

Film's Title Falls Victim to Deadly Revisions

PIX/SEE Productions has announced that writer/director Gregory Blair’s mystery/thriller starring international sensation Bill Oberst, Jr., has gotten an upgrade: a new and improved title. Read on for all the details on this scary little indie opus.