The Dead Want Women

Dead Want Women, The (2012)

Starring Eric Roberts, Jessica Morris, Ariana Madix, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, Circus-Szalewski, Robert Zachar, Nihilist Gelo

You Know You Want to Watch this Trailer for The Dead Want Women

Charles Band is putting the puppets away for Full Moon’s newest horror thriller. Instead this is a tale of zombies – horny zombies. When Eric Roberts rises from the grave, it can only mean The Dead Want Women.

Full Moon Reveals The Dead Want Women Artwork and the Newest Addition to the Puppet Master Family

Full Moon Entertainment continues to prep for Puppet Master X: Axis Rising by revealing yet another new scarionette, but first Charles Band will bring us something not starring killer puppets or other assorted puppet-sized terrors: an audacious zombie flick starring Eric Roberts.

Eric Roberts Knows The Dead Want Women

Filming in Los Angeles right now (despite the 100-mile-per-hour winds) is the latest fear flick from Full Moon pictures lovingly titled The Dead Want Women, and we've got the first images of star Eric Roberts like you've never seen him before. Dig it!