Dead in Tombstone

Exclusive Dead in Tombstone Video Interviews Beat Back the Devil

On tap for you cats right now is a series of video interviews for Dead in Tombstone featuring Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Dina Meyer, and director Roel Reiné. Check 'em out!

Mickey Rourke Gets Devilish in Exclusive Dead in Tombstone Clip

Available now is the latest Danny Trejo flick, Dead in Tombstone, and on tap for you cats who cannot get enough of the craggy-faced maverick is an exclusive clip featuring the prince of darkness, Mickey Rourke.

Exclusive Soundtrack Sample: Dead in Tombstone

It's hard to keep up with all of the Danny Trejo movies that are hitting every couple of weeks. Expect a lot of shirtlessness in the near future. Up next is an exclusive soundtrack clip from his latest tango with the Devil, Dead in Tombstone.

Casting Firms up for Roel Reine's Dead in Tombstone

Two badasses and one of the 1980's most lovable geeks are set to star in Dead in Tombstone, the Roel Reine-directed action adventure film that begins filming next week. Before you ask why we're covering it, check out the synopsis - with Micky Rourke playing the devil, how could we resist?