Dead Space

New Dead Space Webisodes Now Online

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the availability of the final episode of "Misplaced Affection", a four-part animated mini-series that took place in the Dead Space videogame universe.

Argento to Enter Dead Space

When I was visiting EA the other month to check out Dead Space and meet some of the people behind the game (read about it here), the game's lead, Glen Schofield, mentioned that they had consulted with a bunch of big name directors on the project for their advice and input.

Rue Morgue Turns Eleven!

What better way to celebrate their 11th year making one of the most kickass horror mags out there than by getting the one and only Basil freakin’ Gogos to paint your cover? None, I tells ya, none! Now that is a sexy cover!

Dead Space's Fourth "Misplaced Affection" Webisode is Live

We've been all over EA's upcoming survival horror game Dead Space for months now, and we're all giddy that the big day is finally approaching.

Dead Space Approaching Faster Than Expected

Just a quick update on what is looking like one of the best horror titles this generation. Shack News reports that Dead Space has seen its release pushed up into mid-October. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers can expect to get their hands on it on October 14th now with PC owners having to wait a few days for an October 20th release.

Dead Space Has No Known Survivors

The team behind the upcoming survival horror game Dead Space apparently have a much larger story than even a prequel comic, animated movie, and video game can tell. Today they’ve kicked off yet another horrific facet of the Dead Space universe: No Known Survivors.com.

Anchor Bay Takes Us to Dead Space

In this part of space ... everyone will hear you scream! That's because after you've had your nerves shattered while playing the upcoming survival horror game, Dead Space, you can pop in the companion film and see how your tale started! Just think -- you'll be able to experience hours of intergalactic fright without ever having to leave your couch!

Dead Space: Downfall Trailer Online!

We just got a heads up from a reader cryptically known only as “Wolf” that the trailer for Dead Space: Downfall, the animated film that serves as a prequel to the Dead Space video game, is now online.

In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes of Dead Space

Dead Space isn’t as surprising now as it was when it was first revealed. A game coming from a creatively rejuvenated EA games, that sits amongst a slate of other promising looking, brand new ideas. It wasn’t incredibly surprising when it was first unveiled either. But you have to think back to how we used to look at EA games a couple of years back.

Exclusive: Dead Space Hands-On!

So EA was kind enough to fly me out to the west coast to visit their studios and to check out Dead Space. I got a chance to hang out with some of the team and there was a roundtable with a few presentations, as well. I’ll be detailing those later, but first things first I want to write up my experiences playing the game.

SDCC 08: Dead Space Gameplay w/Commentary & Interview!

There's no question Dead Space is one title that fans of the survival horror genre have been clamoring for. So we made it our business to seek out the playable game at this past Comic-Con along with its senior producer Chuck Beaver to get you the goods on it!

More Dead Space Love

We just got a heads up from the good folks at EA Games that two new video pieces are now live for their forthcoming horror game Dead Space. First up we have a new developer’s diary called “Creating Terror” which will further solidfy that these guys know what they’re doing in our genre. Dig:

SDCC 08: Media Blow-Out!

As I'm sure you can tell from the amount of stuff we've been posting lately, we have covered the hell out of Comic-Con 08. The best part? We're still not even close to done.

SDCC 08: The Dead Space Invasion!

On October 21st, EA Games is going to unleash one of the most anticipated horror video games of the year, Dead Space. The game would be enough to satisfy any genre fan but to sweeten the deal, EA is going cross media to make the story more tangible with a comic and animated film.

Gods, Ghosts and the Dead at E3!

Well Sony and Nintendo didn?t really have much for us horror fans at their conferences, which is a shame since both have high profile horror titles heading to their systems, but that doesn?t mean that we don?t still have a stack of stuff to update you on.