Dead Space 2

Pre-Order Yourself All Kinds of Dead Space 2 Badassery!

Can't wait to get your hands on Dead Space 2? We're right there with ya! The game looks fantastic, and now that multiplayer has been announced, the want factor has gone through the roof! Some new pre-order news has come across our desks today that has gotten us even more excited!

Dead Space 2: New Videos and Screenshots

Strap in, kids, you’re about to engage in a terrifying high speed freefall thanks to a new video from EA and Visceral Games’ upcoming Dead Space 2 that includes an intense and dangerous HALO (High Altitude-Low Opening) jump.

Dead Space 2 Putting Mayhem in Your E-Mail Box!

Every video game loving horror fan out there surely has some sort of affection for EA Games' Dead Space franchise. How can you not love a game that rewards you for strategically dismembering your foes? Now, in anticipation of the upcoming release of Dead Space 2, the publisher is looking to bring some wholesome grue directly to your e-mail!

Dead Space Ignition Setting Arcade Gamers on Fire

If you can't wait for the January '11 release of Dead Space 2, have no fear! EA announced in the interim you'll be able to get your hands all over Dead Space Ignition, appearing on Xbox Live Arcade this fall.

E3 2010: More Dead Space 2 Gameplay Videos

More strategic dismemberment (still our favorite new gameplay term) goodness is on display in several new world premiere videos coming straight out of E3 2010, and we've got your hot ticket for the gore!

E3 2010: Dead Space 2 - E3 Teaser: Isaac vs. The Puker

With E3 in full swing, all sorts of goodies have been slinking out, including this gut-wrenching new bit of gameplay footage for the highly anticipated sequel to last year's survival horror hit Dead Space.

Dead Space 2 Cover Art Revealed

Ready for your first look at the cover art for one of the single most anticipated horror video game sequels of all time? Well, get ready for an eyeful ... or for that matter, a face-full!

Dementia Sets in During New Dead Space 2 Trailer; Massive Website Update!

Isaac Clarke. The man has just been through the proverbial ringer and then some. Of course he's worse for wear, not thinking clearly, and emotionally scarred for life. What better time could there be to bring him back for a sequel than when he's completely unhinged?

Dead Space 2 Goes Viral: Did You Get the Letter?

Some strange Dead Space 2 materials began showing up in people's mailboxes over the weekend including notes from a doctor who seems to be taking care of someone who is undergoing transformation into a Necromorph, a Rorschach test, and an envelope with a stain on it that resembles the silhouette of a man. Were you one of the lucky recipients?

Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2 Contest - Voting Now Live!

In early March we told you guys about a new contest from Visceral Games in which one lucky winner will get to create content for the actual finished Dead Space 2 product; and as of this morning, April 5th, fans of the game can now vote for their favorite kill from the top ten finalists.

First Dead Space 2 Gameplay Footage!

It's a bit shaky and not officially "official", but the first look at some gameplay footage from Dead Space 2 has hit online following the Dead Space team's PAX East panel that streamed live earlier today.

Watch the Dead Space Panel LIVE from PAX East this Saturday, March 27th

PAX East 2010, the largest gaming expo on the East Coast, kicks off in Boston on March 26th and runs through the 28th. Can't make it? Well, thanks to Visceral Games, UStream.TV, and the Dead Space 2 team, you can watch the Dead Space PAX East panel "Creating a World of Horror in Games" live over the interwebs at 1:00 pm EDT/10:00 am PDT this Saturday, March 27th.

New Contest Will Allow You to Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2

Visceral Games, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, has announced a new contest where one lucky winner will get to create content for the actual finished Dead Space 2 product!

Dead Space 2 Bringing More Strategic Dismemberment to Consoles

One of the decade's most innovative survival horror titles is back with an all new installment into its interstellar spookshow ... Dead Space 2 is on its way! Can I get an amen?