Dead of Night

Dead of Night Ready to Roll?

Sure, Watchmen and other big name comic book adaptations may be getting all the press, but the one I am looking forward to the most isn't full of spandex, it's the upcoming Dylan Dog adaptation, Dead of Night.

More Dead of Night Details

With Dylan Dog finally headed to the big screen under the U.S. title Dead of Night, one has to wonder if it will pave the way for other iconic comic book characters who fight monsters. I’m thinking a Cal McDonald movie would be very nice…

Lead & Director Set for Dead of Night

From comics to film back to comics and now on to film again, Dylan Dog just will not die. Though It can’t seem to keep its title in place for some strange reason.

New Director for Dylan Dog

Here's a bit of odd news: Last year we heard that the live-action adaptation of the Dylan Dog comics was going to be directed by Snakes on a Plane helmer David R. Ellis (“Dylan Dog is Superman?!” – October 2007), but all that looks to have changed.

Dylan Dog is Superman?!

The fellows over at Comic Book Resources got wind of the news regarding who would be playing the lead role in a big screen version of the Italian comic book Dylan Dog. News of the casting was leaked to the Lying in the Gutters column of the site.