The Dead Hour

The Dead Hour Wraps Season 2 - Entire Series Available Online

It seems the indie web series is the wave of the future. We've seen plenty of them come our way, even giving a couple of them a home here at Dread Central.

DJ Raven Returns for The Dead Hour Season 2

Fans of the anthology-style web series The Dead Hour will be thrilled to know that host DJ Raven is back with more morbid tales of terror to delight you. And although the format may remind you of "Tales from the Crypt," I can guarantee you The Crypt Keeper never looked this good!

The Dead Hour Begins Second Season! First Teaser Trailer!

When it comes to web series, it seems as if everyone and their grandmother has one either online now, in production, or just getting started. That's why we use a lot of discretion when reporting about them and only bring you the good stuff. Case in point: "The Dead Hour".