Dead Fury

Dead Fury: Making Cartoon Guts Spill

In Dead Fury, BlackArro Productions' latest 82-minute horror-gore-cartoon, a zombie-demon gets its head blasted apart from a slew of shotgun pellets, bloodshed and brains spreading into the air. Max, the hero of the story, rushes in with his pick axe, tearing off its legs, ripping out its guts, and slicing the fallen corpse into pieces.

Dead Fury (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Written, directed, voiced, produced, edited, and scored by Frank Sudol Distributed by Unearthed Films

Dead Fury Cover Art

Oh happy day! The next re-animated feature from City of Rott (review here) creator Frank Sudol hits DVD on August 5th courtesy of Unearthed Films, and to celebrate, here's your first glimpse of the cover!

Dead Fury Premiere Set!

If you haven’t yet checked out Frank Sudol’s City of Rott (review), you really don’t know what you're missing. I won’t tell you about it now; just check out the review and see what I mean.

Exclusive Pics: Dead Fury

Just a few short days ago we made you aware of Franks Sudol's entry in the Diary of the Dead short film contest ("Frank Sudol's Diary Entry" - February 2008), but the creative genius behind one of the most badass animated zombie romps, City of Rott (review here), is back with some exclusive new screen shots from his upcoming feature, Dead Fury!

The Dead are Furious!

What's better than smashing zombies in their friggin' bastard heads with any number of blunt objects? The answer -- NOTHING!