Dead Bite

Hollywood Undead's Dead Bite Music Video Features Derek Mears, Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte, and Porn Stars!

We know you guys run hot & cold regarding music news, but when we heard this new video from Hollywood Undead for "Dead Bite" features horror fan favorite Derek Mears ( Friday the 13th, Hatchet III) along with several porn stars, well, of course we had to share!

Fantasia 2012: Dead Bite, Excision, Hidden in the Woods, Sleep Tight - New Images and More!

Weeping and rapidly aging porn stars! Sea monsters! Bloody sex! The filthiest people you've ever seen! Zombies! Yep, it's another gaggle of images from the Fantasia International Film Festival! Check 'em out!

New Horror Headed Out of Thailand: Heaven and Hell and Zombie Flick Dead Bite

When you think international horror, some specific countries come to mind, certainly Italy, Japan, France, Korea…but Thailand? Not normally a hotbed of horror, but we've got two films to tell you about coming from Southeast Asia.