Dead @ 17

Dead @ 17 Feature Film Update

It's been about two years since last we spoke of a live action feature film adaptation of Dead @ 17, but finally an update has come and thankfully it's good news! Any progress is good progress, no?

Dougherty Penning Dead @ 17 Script?

It’s been a long time since we heard much about an adaptation of the 4-issue comic series Dead @ 17, but it seems things have been moving and shaking on the project behind the scenes that may see its eventual creation on a much larger scale than originally expected.

Dead @ 17 (Short)

Reviewed by Melissa Bostaph Starring Jessica Ciccone, Katelyn Gracy, Ryan Krysiak Directed by Mark Steensland It’s a sad fact that most of us have lost or will lose a close friend while we are still young. My first childhood casualty happened when I was in sixth grade. A good friend succumbed after a long battle with leukemia and he was gone forever.

Exclusive: First News on Dead @17 Film!

Girls are pretty cool, no? What about girls who kick ass? What about girls who kick the ass of the undead? Perhaps the coolest girls of all.