E3 2013: Scary New Screenshots Arrive For Day Z

The zombies are coming in Day Z, and the terror that lies ahead has been revealed in a brand-new set of E3 screenshots. If you have been waiting for a game with realistic zombies then check out these new images and shriek in horror!

New Images Give Insight Into DayZ Environments

The horror title DayZ is currently in development for the PC. New screenshots have been released from the development team to give more insight into the environments of the video game. Read on to learn more!

The Jungles of Brunei Inspired DayZ

Dean Hall discussed how the treacherous jungles of Brunei helped inspire the horror title DayZ. Hall tells how his time in the jungle serving with the New Zealand Armed Forces where he had to scavenge food and water to survive helped bring about the idea for the apocalyptic game.