Days of the Dead

Alan Howarth's First Los Angeles Performance in Five Years will Benefit sCare Foundation

Perhaps no organization represents the giving spirit of the horror genre family and fanbase than the sCare Foundation. And for those of you in Los Angeles, sCare is hosting a Masquerade Ball with a remarkable performance by composer Alan Howarth that you won't soon forget!

Alex Vincent
 Talks Child's Play and the Upcoming Video Game

Days of the Dead II is taking place this weekend in Atlanta, and one very memorable face from my childhood is here— Alex Vincent, aka Andy in the Child's Play series. We chatted a bit about his experiences on the set of Child's Play as well as TikGames' upcoming Chucky game.

Days of the Dead Horror Convention Coming to Atlanta March 9th -11th

Heads up, Atlanta. We've got some news to help soften the pain of your recent sports woes. Baseball and football may not be your thing, but you're all over it when it comes to horror. Mark your calendars for March 9th-11th for the Days of the Dead Horror Convention. Giddyap!

Days of the Dead Announces Upcoming Shows

Everyone knows that in horror sequels are inevitable. When you hit the right chord and people dig it, it only makes sense. Determined to prove that the sequel can be as good the original, Days of the Dead has announced not one but two shows next year.

Days of the Dead Forming the World's Longest Human Centipede! Win Tickets to Witness the Mayhem!

It wasn't that long ago that the idea that formed the basis of Human Centipede repulsed most that heard it. Now, with the upcoming sequel already surpassing the controversy of the Tom Six original, Indianapolis' Days of the Dead convention is looking for those brave souls who want to form an even longer chain than Six ever thought possible.

Indie Horror Month: Director Joshua Hull Announces Idiot Gore Filming at Days of the Dead Con This July

One of Dread Central’s 2010 Indie Filmmakers to Watch, Joshua Hull, checked in this week to give us some exclusive news on his latest project, Idiot Gore , and if you happen to be at the Days of the Dead convention in Indiana this summer, you will have the opportunity to be part of indie horror history, which is something definitely different from most cons these days.

Heather Langenkamp to Debut New Film at Days of the Dead 2011

We've been talking about the lovely Heather Langenkamp's new film I Am Nancy for a long time now, but word has just broken that some lucky fans in attendance at the Days of the Dead 2011 convention in Indianapolis will soon be seeing it for themselves!