David Zayas

Deeply Discussing Dexter: A Casual Conversation

There are only four episodes of “Dexter” remaining and as it gets down to the wire, it’s been the topic of much discussion. Last week, I had an extended IM conversation with a good friend of mine regarding the show’s last few seasons and the result was interesting.

Check Out the Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast from San Diego Comic-Con 2013

During last month's San Diego Comic-Con, "Dexter" producer Scott Reynolds sat down with #TeamBatista - David Zayas and Aimee Garcia - to discuss the show and then is joined by Julie Benz for this special edition of the "Dexter" Wrap-Up Podcast.

First Look at Dexter Episode 8.02 - Every Silver Lining

"Dexter" Season 8 premieres in just a few weeks - June 30th to be exact - and we have a batch of photos from Episode 8.02, "Every Silver Lining," which was directed by series star Michael C. Hall.

Bathe in the Blood of These New Dexter Images

A whole new crop of series stills and promotional images have made their way to the pages of this week's Entertainment Weekly, but we've scooped 'em up and have 'em on tap warm and bloody... just the way you like it! Check 'em out!

First Set of Images from the Dexter Season 8 Premiere

Ready for a good luck at what's ahead in the Season 8 premiere of "Dexter"? Then settle in for a bit because we have the first set of images from the episode right here.

Get All Wrapped Up in New Dexter Season 8 Poster and Video

"Dexter" Season 8, starring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, premieres on June 30th, and today Showtime has released the first artwork and a new video to get you cats all geared up for the explosive finale. Dig it!

Plot Details Arrive for Upcoming Season 8 of Dexter

"Dexter" Season 8, starring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, premieres on June 30th, and today Showtime put out an official press release that's home to the first synopsis pertaining to the upcoming return of the Dark Passenger along with an extremely entertaining new video compilation of Dexter's best excuses from the last 7 seasons.

Go Behind the Scenes of Dexter

Time to go behind the scenes of the upcoming season of Showtime's "Dexter." Your tour guide around Miami's brightest and bloodiest? Angel himself, David Zayas. Check it out and look for more leading up to the summer return of the Dark Passenger.

Dexter's Nanny Aimee Garcia Goes Full Time in Season 8

She's been a recurring character on "Dexter" for a few seasons now so it only makes sense for Showtime to finally promote Aimee Garcia, who plays Angel's sister and Dexter's nanny, Jamie, to a regular cast member; and that's exactly what's happened!

Dexter Star David Zayas Heading to The Following; New Promo Is a Masterpiece

More casting news for Fox's "The Following" has hit the interwebs, and as always you'll find it right here. Sgt. Angel Batista of Miami Metro has retired from dealing with Dexter Morgan and will now be tracking a whole new band of psychos. We also have a look at a new promo for the show.

Preview of and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.11 - Do You See What I See?

After tonight's episode, it's looking like "Dexter" is back on track to end the season on a high note, and with just two episodes left, it couldn't have come at a better time! And the upcoming Episode 7.11 is pretty timely, too, with its title of "Do You See What I See?" Festive!

Ray Stevenson Guest Stars in Showtime's Podcast for Dexter Episode 7.09 - Helter Skelter

Sadly, the best part of this season of "Dexter"--namely, guest star Ray Stevenson--has come to an end, but he showed up to record Showtime's podcast for Episode 7.09, "Helter Skelter," and we have it for your listening pleasure right here.

Preview of and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.10 - The Dark... Whatever

I don't get some people's love for this season of "Dexter"; to me it's turned eye-rollingly bad, but there are two bright spots: First, we only have three episodes left, and second, Jim Beaver guest stars in next week's Episode 7.10, "The Dark... Whatever."

Preview of and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.09 - Helter Skelter

The best thing we can say about this season of "Dexter" is that at least there are only four more episodes left! Right now we have a few clips from Episode 7.09, "Helter Skelter," to share along with the ep's preview.

Preview, Clips, and Stills from Dexter Episode 7.08 - Argentina

"Dexter" Season 7 got off to a rousing start but has now hit the wall. Just like last year when it all went downhill after Mos Def's character was killed off, it has gone so far off the rails we're not sure anything can bring it back. In any event, here's a look at Episode 7.08, "Argentina."