David R. Ellis

French Trailer and One Sheet - The Final Destination

Screaming is a universal language, and never has it been more apparent than in the French trailer for David R. Ellis' The Final Destination in 3D, which will be hitting theatres here on August 28th.

SDCC 09: The Final Destination Clip Rocks Comic-Con

As expected The Final Destination ripped a huge bleeding hole through the crowd in attendance in Hall H of the gargantuan event, as David R. Ellis and company showed off the opening car crash sequence and more! Wanna know what you missed? We kind of thought you would.

The Final Destination Is Your TV

If the latest bloody still from The Final Destination didn't rev up your anticipation level for the film, then maybe two new TV spots that popped up online will.

Spoiler-y Image From The Final Destination

The Final Destination probably isn't going to reinvent the wheel, but man does it look like FUN. Today's update is just another gore pic, but it should help whet your whistle for the fast-approaching release date of August 28, when it will go head to head with that other horror movie.

New The Final Destination Images Bring the Violence!

Finally one of the the moments we've been waiting for has arrived! New gory stills from David R. Ellis' The Final Destination have hit the Net, and they made us giddy like school girls at a Twilight rally!

Final Destination Gets a Rating and It's a Good One!

Finally the fourth film in the Final Destination franchise, simply called The Final Destination, has met the MPAA and come away with the rating we were hoping for!

The Final Destination Officially Taking on H2?

Ever since it was announced that Halloween 2 and The Final Destination would be released on the same date of August 28th, 2009, it was thought one of the two films would most likely change its release plans. The smart money was on FD4 conceding, but if the RealD branded poster is any indication ... folks, we are ready to rumble!

Death Arrives! The Final Destination Trailer

The time has come. The bell has tolled. Death's not about to be cheated again. Well, of course he/she/it is! If not, we wouldn't have a movie! The trailer for David R. Ellis' The Final Destination is now live, and we've got a peek at it for ya!

The Final Destination Trailer This Friday

So the big question remains ... will Death's latest design still come out to go head-up with Rob Zombie's unstoppable sequel machine on August 28th? And if it does, will it survive at the box office? I guess that will depend on how good it looks!

The Final Destination Website Opens

The official website for the latest David R. Ellis entry into the Final Destination franchise entitled simply The Final Destination opened its doors today with a whole lot of ...

First Poster for The Final Destination

The first teaser poster for David R. Ellis' fourth entry into Death's favorite franchise, Final Destination in 3D, crashed its way onto the Web today, and we gotta say it could very well be the best FD poster yet, if only for its absence of the prerequisite frightened looking cast!

Death Gets a New Name: The Final Destination

What's in a name? To be honest, we never really cared for the title Final Destination: Death Trip 3D. It was a mouthful that never really rolled off the tongue. Apparently our sentiments have been echoed, and the David R. Ellis helmed sequel has gotten itself a brand spanking new name!

Humpty Dumpty 3D Sales Art

With his latest film, Final Destination: Death Trip 3D, set to make its theatrical debut going head up with Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 on August 28th, director David R. Ellis is still finding the time to usher along his newest project, Humpty Dumpty 3D. Lord knows how!

Ellis To Bring Us Humpty Dumpty

The new Final Destination isn't even in theatres yet, and already there's talk of David R. Ellis' next feature, this time an in-name-only horrific new take on a really old nursery rhyme.

Final Destination: Death Trip 3D Behind-the-Scenes Footage

The fourth entry into New Line's Reaper-fest Final Destination: Death Trip 3D is in the process of undergoing reshoots down in Universal Orlando, and one lucky fan happened to be on the scene with a camera!