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Don Mancini Talks Child's Play Reboot

It's been a while since last we heard any rumblings of the proposed remake or reboot or reimagining or whatever they want to call it nowadays to try and quell the fury of the fans, but alas franchise creator Don Mancini has taken a few moments to shed some light on things ... Especially just what the hell it's going to be when it finally does come out.

Kirschner Talks Child's Play Redux

Recently we caught up with Don Mancini and David Kirschner regarding the upcoming Child's Play remake so it was time to do a little diggin'! We all know that Dourif is coming back and that the duo want to bring the remake back to the film's scarier roots, but was there anything else to learn at this point?

Mancini Talks Child's Play Reboot

Despite what they say, I just don’t get why the Child’s Play franchise needs a reboot. A new film that picks up where Seed ended could be pretty damn cool if they kept it dark, but at least series creator Don Mancini’s doing it himself.

Mancini, Don & Kirschner, David (Child's Play)

Ah yes! It's always good to