David Kajganich

Warner Bros. Looking for a Director Bourne to Take The Stand

After director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) left the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand last week, Warner Bros. has been actively seeking someone new to take the helm. Our friends over at Badass Digest have just revealed the studio's top pick!

Yet Another Filmmaker Departs The Stand Adaptation

The more I hear about the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand from novel to motion picture, the more I become convinced that it's one of those things that just never going to happen.

Ben Affleck Leaves The Stand to Portray Batman; New Director Being Sought

While the Internet is still shitting itself over the news that Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman (shut up and give the guy a chance, why don't ya?), his donning of the cape and cowl has left Warner Bros. without a director for its new version of The Stand. However...

AMC Bringing on The Terror

AMC is no doubt enjoying the record-breaking ratings that "The Walking Dead" is giving them. That's why it comes as no surprise the network would want to lock down some more tales of horror. Enter an adaptation of the novel The Terror.

A New Writer Takes The Stand for Warner Brothers

We cannot imagine what kind of lunacy it would entail adapting the Stephen King epic The Stand for the big screen. It would take a herculean effort on the part of a writer who's just a little bit crazy. That being said, Warner Brothers has found its lunatic!