David Hyde Pierce

Exclusive: Writer/Director Nick Tomnay Talks The Perfect Host

For his directorial debut Nick Tomnay has done something remarkable: He manages to breathe new life into the dark comedy thriller subgenre of cinema with his efforts in the upcoming film The Perfect Host, which stars David Hyde Pierce as Warwick Wilson, the demented sociopath who loves nothing more in life but to host the perfect dinner party.

Exclusive: David Hyde Pierce Talks The Perfect Host

In writer/director Nick Tomnay’s feature film debut The Perfect Host, actor David Hyde Pierce portrays Warwick Wilson, a consummate perfectionist who’s preparing for a lavish dinner party that ends up being crashed by a wounded bank robber (Clayne Crawford) on the run.

Perfect Host, The (2011)

Starring David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker, Megahn Perry, Helen Reddy Directed by Nick Tomnay

The Perfect Host Now Available On Demand from Magnolia

There's a fine line between thrillers and pure horror projects, but when a film sounds like as much fun as The Perfect Host debuting this month from Magnolia Pictures, we're willing to cross it just to make sure our readers are aware of all their options.