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This Devil's Mile Clip Will Rip Your Face Off!

A clip from Joseph O'Brien's directorial debut, Devil's Mile has arrived; and we have it right here for you. It's a bloody, face-ripping good time for sure!

Joseph O'Brien Talks Walking the Devil's Mile

Forget Route 666. The Devil’s Mile is an even more evil stretch of road in this new horror thriller starring David Hayter and directed by Joseph O’Brien, with whom we recently had a chance to chat about the film.

New Stills Travel the Devil's Mile

A pair of new stills from Joseph O'Brien's directorial debut, Devil's Mile, have arrived; and we have them right here for you along with the previously released goodies. Read on for all that you need!

The Devil's Mile Leads to Home Video Release

We've been talking about Joseph O'Brien's directorial debut, Devil's Mile, for a few years now, and as we learned back in February, Phase 4 Films scooped it up for distribution. Today a release date has been set, at long last bringing this devilish journey to a conclusion.

Trailer Starts Howling for David Hayter's Wolves

Eagle-eyed DC reader Rob P. just gave us the heads up that a trailer for David Hayter's Wolves, starring Jason Momoa, Lucas Till, and Stephen McHattie, is now online so you have him to thank for this bit of goodness!

Travel Down the Devil's Mile with Poster and Release Details

It was way back in 2011 that we told you Joseph O'Brien's directorial debut Devil's Mile was finished filming, and all has been quiet on that front since then. Finally, we've got new things to report, and it's all good news!

David Hayter's Wolves Come With a Side of Ketchup

Things are moving quickly for David Hayter's Wolves, starring Jason Momoa, Lucas Till, and Stephen McHattie. The film has been acquired for distribution; and we have your details hot, fresh, and furry. Kinda like a Bronie but more masculine.

David Hayter to Wield The Sword

Lakeshore Entertainment and Hopscotch Features have brought on David Hayter (X-Men, Watchmen) to pen the screenplay for their upcoming flick The Sword, a bloody tale of vengeance based on the graphic novel by Jonathan and Joshua Luna (The Luna Brothers).

Cannes Sales Art for Wolves Bays at the Moon

Just in time for Cannes comes the first official artwork for David Hayter's Wolves that some may find just a bit too Twilight-esque, but hey... Jason Momoa and Stephen McHattie are in it so we're all in no matter what!

New Stills from David Hayter's Werewolf Thriller Wolves

Alrighty, kids! It's time to add a little bit of fuzzy to your afternoon as we have the first stills from David Hayter's Wolves on tap and ready for grooming. They're light on wolf action, but at least we have a dude with a crazy eye!

AFM 2012: More on David Hayter's Werewolf Thriller Wolves

A bit more sales art and the first images from the set of David Hayter's now shooting Wolves came our way during the just concluded 2012 American Film Market. Check 'em out, and look for more soon!

Stephen McHattie Ready to Run with Wolves

Some more casting news is here for David Hayter's werewolf thriller Wolves, starring Lucas Till, Jason Momoa, Merritt Patterson, and Benedict Carver! We have the details on who is next to join the pack. Read on for details.

First Sales Art for Wolves is Nothing to Howl Over

David Hayter is currently in pre-production on his werewolf thriller Wolves, starring Lucas Till, Jason Momoa, Merritt Patterson, and Benedict Carver; and we've got an early look at the sales art along with a detailed plot crunch for ya! Dig it!

More Wolves Join the Pack

Finally some casting news has come in for David Hayter's furry fright flick Wolves, and we have it for you right here free of fleas, ticks, and all that confounded howling. Read on for the latest on who's eating whom.

A New Pack of Wolves Is Headed Our Way!

It's good to see werewolves getting so much love lately. At least those damned Twilight flicks were good for something. In any event, there's more hairy horror headed our way. Read on for the first details on David Hayter's Wolves.