David Guy Levy

The Dude Designs Another Would You Rather Poster

Hot on the heels of the Blu-ray/DVD announcement for Would You Rather, The Dude Designs has coughed up another one-sheet, adding to the already impressive canon of artwork we've seen for this flick!

Would You Rather Pick Up a DVD or a Blu-ray?

The heart-stopping horror thriller Would You Rather is Blu-ray and DVD bound in a couple of weeks, and we have a look at the artwork for you and more right here. Or would you rather go check out something else?

Would You Rather Watch and Listen to a Commentary?

Ever wonder what was going on in the filmmakers' heads when they created the heart-stopping horror thriller Would You Rather? Now you can find out! Director David Guy Levy and writer Steffen Schlachtenhaufen sat down to watch their film, out loud.

CONTEST CLOSED! Would You Rather Win a Signed One-Sheet?

First off, let us state that we adore the following bit of artwork and it is damned hard to part with, but because we love you guys, we are willing to do so. Oh, and did we mention that it is signed by Sasha Grey, Jeffrey Combs, director David Guy Levy, and screenwriter Steffen Schlachtenhaufen?

Exclusive: Sasha Grey Talks Her 'Would You Rather' Character's Attitude, the Cast's Chemistry, and More

Recently released on VOD and in limited theaters is David Guy Levy's wickedly brutal Would You Rather, and we caught up with co-star Sasha Grey to hear about her role in the thriller, what drew her to the project, working alongside her castmates, and much more.

Exclusive: Director David Guy Levy on Would You Rather and More

David Guy Levy's wonderfully twisted thriller Would You Rather (review here) is now in select theaters and available on VOD. With his Clue, Saw and House on Haunted Hill mash-up, Levy has conjured up an unforgettable and often uncomfortable affair.

A Trio of New Clips from Would You Rather

David Guy Levy's Would You Rather began its limited theatrical and VOD run this past Friday, February 8th, and to help remind you of that fact, IFC Midnight sent over a trio of new clips, all of which we have right here!

Would You Rather (2013)

Starring Brittany Snow, Jeffrey Combs, Sasha Grey, John Heard, Eddie Steeples Directed by David Guy Levy

In or Near NYC? Attend a FREE Screening of Would You Rather on February 7th!

We know it's short notice, but if you've been thinking about checking out David Guy Levy's Would You Rather, starring Brittany Snow, Sasha Grey, Jeffrey Combs, and John Heard, we've got your hookup right here!

Would You Rather Watch This New Clip with Jeffrey Combs, Sasha Grey, and More?

A new clip from IFC Midnight's spooker Would You Rather has hit the interwebs, and we have it for you right here in all of its re-animated, porn star-laden glory. Let's check it out, shall we?

IFC Midnight Nabs Argento's Dracula and Asks Would You Rather?

IFC continues its reign of terror with its genre-centric label IFC MIdnight by snatching up the rights to both Dario Argento's 3D version of Dracula and the Jeffrey Combs/Sasha Grey flick Would You Rather.

Would You Rather a Trailer?

Quick question ... would you rather watch a trailer for Would You Rather, or would you rather not watch said trailer and instead go on with your life, never sampling the goodness of this latest horror flick? The choice seems pretty clear to us.

Plate Shattering New One-Sheet for Would You Rather

Around these parts we love us some Tom Hodge. The wonderfully mad artist behind The Dude Designs is back with another one-sheet that puts 90% of what we normally get to shame. Check out the new eye candy for Would You Rather.

First Art and Details - Would You Rather

With the Berlin Film Market right on the horizon, you can expect some steady news coming out of the big dance's run. Next up - we have the first sales art and details for Would You Rather.

Details On New Sasha Grey Film, Would You Rather

Sasha Grey seems to be on the precipice of crossing over into the mainstream entertainment industry, and her apparent affinity for genre filmmaking is quite endearing. Today we bring you news of another genre flick in which Ms. Grey will appear.