David Gregory

Plague Town (2009)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Josslyn DeCrosta, Erica Rhodes, David Lombard, Lindsay Goranson, James Warke Directed by David Gregory

The Sinful Dwarf is Coming - Sooner than Expected!

Earlier this month Uncle Creepy made a major life milestone in being able to make the announcement "The Sinful Dwarf is Coming!". Well, there’s been a mild change and I get to experience a similar joy; the dwarf is still coming, just sooner than we expected!

First Plague Town DVD News!

The folks at Dark Sky Films just dropped us the first details on the DVD release of Plague Town, one of the films selected to play this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival! On your right you can see the DVD art. The disc will street on May 12th, 2009, and will come with the following features:

Plague Town Screening Dates & Trailer!

The good folks at Dark Sky just dropped the trailer for David Gregory’s Plague Town in our laps, which you can check out below. Don't worry, you don’t need to sit in our laps to see it.

Gregory's Plague Town Premiere Set

The fiends over at Fangoria just posted a huge list of upcoming films and events going down at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in NYC, this in addition to all the good stuff we told you about here, and one of the films making its East Coast debut is David Greg

Plague Town Poster, Cannes Info

Hey there, we just got two really cool bits of info from Dark Sky Films concerning their first original production, David Gregory’s Plague Town. The first is the simple but effective poster you see on your right, which you can click on to see bigger.

Plague Town Status Update!

All has been quiet on the front of David Gregory’s Plague Town, the first feature coming our way from Dark Sky Films. Today, however, fresh from the set of Dark Sky’s second production, House of the Devil, I find an update on the killer kids movie. How coincidental is that?

First Pics From Plague Town!

A few weeks back I told you about my visit to the set of Plague Town, the first film from DVD featurette creator extraordinaire David Gregory (“Plague Town Set Visit Preview!” – October 2007).

Plague Town Set Visit Preview!

Saturday night, while most of you were likely out drinking and gallivanting across your particular countrysides, my wife and I were witnessing a slaughter. A slaughter in Plague Town, that is.

Dark Sky Unleashes a Plague

Ah, don’t know how we kept missing this one, especially since Dark Sky Films is easily one of the coolest DVD distributors out there now.