David Goyer

Goyer Dishes More Invisible Man Details

A few weeks back, you may recall the first bit of news about David Goyer working on a new version of The Invisible Man for Universal. Well, recently he chatted with MTV's Movies Blog and revealed that either that or X-Men Origins: Magneto will be the next project he’s working on.

Goyer Talks Baltimore Project

During Comic Con, David Goyer got to chatting with a lot of people about the various projects he’s involved in, talking up his next directorial effort The Unborn more than anything else.

Goyer Working on New Invisible Man

David S. Goyer discussed all sorts of things at Comic Con this past weekend, but one thing I didn’t hear about until now is his intention to write a new Invisible Man that starts where H.G. Wells’ original novella leaves off.

Good Dishes Unborn Plot

Megan Good remembers being a kid and wanting to be just like Danielle Harris in Halloween 4, a memory that helped her along when the time came to star in her own horror sequel, Saw V.

Goyer's Platinum Dunes Projects Rolls

A while back we told you guys about a new project David Goyer was working on with Platinum Dunes that, both then and now, suffered from a lack of title (“Goyer Finds Possession Story” – Nomvember 2007).

Goyer Finds Possession Story

David Goyer has way too much going on at any given time to be able to focus too much on one particular project. One of his most recent announcements that intrigued me was the adaptation of Baltimore (review), but it’s only one movie among many the writer/director is working on.

Goyer to Helm Baltimore

Here’s a project we’ve been hearing rumblings about but had to keep quiet on until the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed, and I’m very happy it happened sooner rather than later.