David Goyer

Columbia Talking Ghost Rider 2 with David Goyer

Nicolas Cage has been talking about a Ghost Rider sequel for over a year now (see an earlier story by Foy from 9/4/08) and nobody paid him much mind, but now the trades are getting into the act and throwing around David Goyer's name to boot.

Unborn, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, James Remar, Megan Good, Jane Alexander, Cam Gigandet Directed by David Goyer Distributed by Universal Home Entertainment

The Unborn Offical Art and Specs

Ah, The Unborn . So misunderstood. So maligned. Whatever you thought of David Goyer's film, one thing is for certain: It's going to look amazing on Blu-ray and DVD. Get ready for a good look at the specs and box art for both.

Early Unborn DVD and Blu-ray Art

Early artwork for David Goyer's The Unborn surfaced today along with some scant details on what to expect. Curious? DVD Active scored the first look, and it seems as if both the DVD and the Blu-ray will be home to two versions of the film -- theatrical and unrated. Not much else is known, but I'm sure we will find out the skinny soon enough!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Unborn

A twisted kind of review of David Goyer's latest stinker from Montreal madman Rick Trembles!

Unborn, The (2009)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, James Remar, Megan Good, Jane Alexander Directed by David Goyer

More Unborn Wickedness Online

This morning we showed you guys a viral video for The Unborn, but what we failed to mention was that you, too, can freak out your friends with a dire warning from a possessed girl!

Viral Unborn Video

Sorry to ruin all the fun, but there's no use pretending this isn't a viral video to promote the upcoming release of David Goyer's The Unborn; you guys are way too smart for that, right? And since it references me specifically at one point, there's no way you'd think it was real...

New Unborn Site, Stills

Maybe it’s just me, but the more I see from David Goyer’s upcoming horror entry The Unborn, the more cheesy it seems. Example; did you know the unborn baby who is trying to break into our world is named Jumby? What the hell is that?

Unborn Prequel, International Poster

There are ways to market a horror film that can make it look like something truly horrifying, even if the actual product is not. There are also ways to market a horror film that make it look ridiculous, which in the case of David Goyer’s The Unborn, we’ve heard is sadly a fact.

First Unborn Clip Surfaces

There’s a brand new clip from David Goyer’s The Unborn online now, and all you have to do to check it out is scroll down a bit. See how much easier we make your life? We try to keep evil close at hand at all times.

New Pics from The Unborn Now Online

Exclusive pics from The Unborn have just hit online. Are you guys ready to be spooked by merciless dreams and a tortured ghost?!? Arrow in the Head holds the answer you seek! Oh, and don't forget your nightlights.

Moist Poster for The Unborn

Maybe it’s just me, but this just doesn’t look like a poster for a horror movie. Some kind of odd adult film? Sure. Maybe another fluid-filled Feast sequel? Most definitely. But a creepy story about the soul of an evil entity banned from heaven for terrorizing a woman? Not so much.

Tons of Goodies for Goyer's Unborn!

MTV Overdrive now has your exclusive first look at the trailer for The Unborn, the latest horror movie from David Goyer, which you can check out below.

David Goyer Set to Flash Forward for ABC

This story might be a little more sci-fi than horror, but considering the parties involved, I don't see how we can pass up covering it. The Hollywood Reporter reports that "Flash Forward", the script for which was penned by David Goyer (pictured) and Brannon Braga, is close to landing at ABC with a pilot order.