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Get a Quick Refresher Course in Grimm Season 2 from this Recap Video

"Grimm" returns for its third season on October 25th, back on Friday night where it belongs, but in case you've forgotten a few of the Season 2 details, NBC has released a pretty cool recap video, which of course you can watch right here.

Grimm Season 2 Slays its Way to Blu-ray/DVD on September 17th

"Grimm" is one of our favorite shows, and in Season 2 detective Nick Burkhardt, now fully embracing his secret identity, tackled even more gruesome and bizarre crimes linked to creatures of lore. If you missed it, now's your chance to watch every chilling episode back-to-back!

Grimm Garners a Former Vampire Slayer Watcher

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" alum Alexis Denisof has booked an arc on another genre show, NBC’s supernatural crime drama "Grimm," and we have all the details on just what he'll be doing right here for ya! Dig it!

#SDCC 2013: Here Are 13 Things You Need to Know about Grimm Season 3

Hands down the most crowded press room we visited at Comic-Con belonged to NBC's "Grimm" so we didn't get to chat with everyone, but we did bring back a list of the Top 13 things we learned about Season 3.

See Grimm's David Giuntoli Transform into a Zombie and Get Some Season 3 Scoops

So many juicy spoilers for "Grimm" Season 3 have come out this week that we hope there are still a few left for next Saturday's San Diego Comic-Con panel! We have all the info here along with a look at series star David Giuntoli's zombie transformation.

Two More Sneak Peeks of Tonight's Grimm Season Finale Episode 2.22 - Good Night, Sweet Grimm

With the "Grimm" Season 2 finale heading our way in just a few short hours, we got our hands on two more clips from the episode, entitled "Good Night, Sweet Grimm." First is a "sneak attack" followed by Nick and Juliette having "the talk."

Prep for the Grimm Season 2 Finale with a Look at What Scares the Cast

Excited for tomorrow night's Season 2 finale of "Grimm," entitled "Good Night, Sweet Grimm"? Here's a way to kill a little time between now and then: Watch co-stars David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Bree Turner share what scares them the most.

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.22 - Goodnight, Sweet Grimm - and a Look Back at the Wesen of Season 2

NBC hasn't made it easy to stick with "Grimm," what with a long hiatus and then a move to Tuesday, but it was well worth it. And the payoff comes in a few days with Episode 2.22, "Good Night, Sweet Grimm." Here are a clip and a look back at Season 2's most memorable Wesen.

Grimm Cast Members Talk Season 2 Finale and What's Ahead in Season 3

Now that "Grimm" has added zombies (or at least a Wesen form of zombies) to the mix, we really can't wait for next week's Season 2 finale. Hear from the cast about what's ahead both then and in the upcoming Season 3.

Preview and Images from Grimm Season Finale Episode 2.22 - Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Week in and week out, "Grimm" delivers a good time - and some pretty cool creatures - so we're sad to see its second season end, but it looks like we're in for a doozy of a finale. Here are a preview and some photos to help get you ready for it.

Feeling Sleepy? Rouse Yourself with a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead!

We were pretty happy to hear NBC is moving "Grimm" back to Friday nights in the fall, and to celebrate, here's a clip from tomorrow night's Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead."

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead

Sometimes you do get what you ask for! Just yesterday we were complaining that NBC hadn't released any images yet from "Grimm" Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead," and just like that - here they are! Minus zombies unfortunately, but you can see a few in the preview.

Zombies Invade Portland in this Preview of Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead

With just two more weeks left in this season of "Grimm," NBC is being stingy doling out the goods. We haven't seen any stills from the upcoming Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead," yet; but at least we can share a preview of what happens when zombies descend on Portland.

Get a Sneak Peek of Nick's New Romance in this Clip from Grimm Episode 2.20 - Kiss of the Muse

Nick falls under the spell of a woman with mysterious seductive powers in the upcoming Episode 2.20 of "Grimm," entitled "Kiss of the Muse." Check out a sneak peek of their blossoming romance.

Grimm's David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell Answer Fans' Twitter Questions

Whenever the stars of "Grimm" are interviewed, they mention how devoted the show's fans are, and in appreciation David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell recently sat down for a Q&A based around Twitter questions from said fans.