David Fincher

David Fincher and Brad Pitt Team Up and Head Into the Black Hole

The last couple of times David Fincher and Brad Pitt joined forces, the results were two of the very best films of the 1990s: Se7en and Fight Club. Needless to say, the thought of these two Hollywood titans getting together again is incredibly exciting, and another collaboration is indeed on its way.

Go Behind the Scenes of Alien 3

Speaking completely for myself, I have a lot of love for Alien 3, and it stands amongst one of my favorites in the entire franchise. Especially David Fincher's director's cut. Today a couple of videos have come to our attention that showcase some behind-the-scenes goodies from the flick! Dig it!

Quick Goon Update Goes Nowhere

We've been talking about a big screen adaptation of Eric Powell's The Good for what feels like forever. Every couple of months or so a new update comes our way, and it's never good news. So what's up? We'll let Powell himself clear all that up for you.

David Fincher Talks Black Hole and The Goon

It's been a long while since last we heard anything of David Fincher's take on Dark Horse Entertainment's The Goon, but since his latest flick, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is ready to be unleashed, the visionary director is making the rounds and offering updates on both that and Black Hole.

Beat Off the Undead with The Goon

We've been talking about an adaptation of The Goon ever since the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, where some early footage was revealed, and despite big names attached like David Fincher, Clancy Brown, and Paul Giamatti, the flick is still looking to find funding. Maybe the following PSA can help to move things along!

David Fincher Provides an Update on The Goon Movie

Ever since the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, where some early footage was revealed, things have been pretty quiet on The Goon feature film front, but now that producer David Fincher is out and about promoting the home video release of The Social Network, an update has come in.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Check Out the First Footage from The Goon

We knew with Comic-Con right around the corner it wouldn't be long until we saw or heard something from the Dark Horse, David Fincher, and Blur Entertainment project that will see Eric Powell’s The Goon brought to the big screen as a CG-anmiated film! Ready for the first footage?

First Blu-ray News: Seven

When it comes to movies about serial killers, it's really hard to find one that's caused more of a stir than David Fincher's Seven. We still think about the ending every now and again and feel like we've been hit by a bus. Now, thanks to the advent of Blu-ray, on September 14th we're going to get the chance to see every gory detail in glorious high definition.

Update on David Fincher's Animated Heavy Metal Project

It looks like David Fincher's idea of creating an animated anthology film based on science fiction/fantasy magazine Heavy Metal is coming closer to fruition, and with names like James Cameron and Zack Snyder attached to it, it's no wonder why.

HBO to Become Mind Hunters

With Showtime’s Dexter reaping the sort of ratings that HBO used to enjoy back in The Sopranos days, it’s no surprise that they’re looking to get into the serial killer genre with their own series – albeit with a different slant.

The Goon Making Progress / Waiting on Fincher

It's been a while since last we heard anything about David Fincher's upcoming CG animated feature film, The Goon, but finally there's a bit to talk about!

Reincarnation or Remake? Fincher-Helmed Peter Proud Redux on the Way

Here's one we didn't see coming. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud isn't exactly what you would call an A-list movie getting the remake treatment; however, there's some big time A-list talent behind this retelling.

Beowulf Scribes Exit Black Hole

Earlier this year we discovered that Charles Burns' interesting comic Black Hole, where teens undergo mutations via a sexually transmitted disease, was going to be adapted to the big screen by David Fincher. Then came eight months of silence.

SDCC 08: The Goon Poster!

Not sure how we missed this one, but thankfully the keen-eyed folks at AICN did not; they snapped this shot of a teaser poster for the upcoming CG-animated movie The Goon, based on the Dark Horse series created by Eric Powell. As you can see, much like The Goon itself, it is all sorts of badass!

Goon Punching His Way to Theaters

Now this just makes me smile; THR got word this morning that Dark Horse, David Fincher and Blur Entertainment are joining forces to bring Eric Powell’s The Goon to the big screen as a CG-anmiated film. And damnit, I love The Goon.