David Dorfman

Zombie Roadkill Festivities at Fantastic Fest 2010

And Austin's Fantastic Fest just got a bit more fantastic with the announcement of some "Zombie Roadkill" festivities that are sure to get the fans even more excited for the new FEARnet series' premiere on October 4th. Best of all? If you're attending the Fest, you won't have to wait for October!

Prom Night Goes REALLY Wrong For Kids in Reach

For most of us, other than the spooky ghost who came out of the well in the American Ring films, the only other unnerving bit of the flick was Naomi Watts' son's constant freakiness. Well, the actor who played the little weird kid, David Dorfman, is all grown up now (wow, does time fly), and he's already attending his prom. Of course murderous mayhem ensues.