David Callaham

Is This the Design for Legendary's Godzilla?

Let us be clear ... the image that you're about to see depicting what could be Legendary Pictures' take on Godzilla is completely and totally UNCONFIRMED. That being said ... damn it's cool, but we wouldn't hold our breath.

An Open Letter to Legendary Pictures RE: Godzilla

Hi, Legendary Pictures? Yeah, it's me, Uncle Creepy. Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just writing to you in regard to your upcoming remake of the classic film Godzilla.

New Writer Hired! It's Godzilla vs. David Goyer!

The news that David Goyer has been hired by Legendary Pictures to pen Godzilla doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Isn’t there some unwritten law in Hollywood that the prolific Mr. Goyer must at some point have his hand in crafting every popular geek property in Hollywood?