Dave Reda

Dave Reda Announces New Short Film Rotting Love

Dave Reda is an indie filmmaker we've been keeping our eyes on for a while now, and he dropped us a line this week to share some news about his latest project, Rotting Love.

Tony Todd and Jake Busey Headline the First Rapture Horror Expo in Mesa, Arizona

Arizona is about to experience the Rapture as a new horror convention has announced its first round of guests. WTF Events’ Rapture Horror Expo will be held from Friday, October 5th, to Sunday, October 7th, at the Mesa Convention Center located at 263 N. Center St in Mesa.

Casting News and Preliminary Artwork for Dave Reda's Love Potion #8

Indie Horror Month may be winding down, but that doesn't mean our love for and support of indie filmmakers is going anywhere, and one such project we're keeping an eye on is Dave Reda's new short film Love Potion #8. Read on for a casting update and the first bit of artwork.

Indie Horror Month: Dave Reda Readying 'Love Potion #8' Short and 'Shadow' Feature Films

One of the most promising indie filmmakers we've come across here at Dread Central is Dave Reda, and he just dropped us a line with an update on two new projects he has in the works at Elftwin Films: a short film entitled Love Potion #8 and his second feature, Shadow.

Shriekfest 2011: Exclusive Q&A with Filmmaker Dave Reda

Next up in Dread Central's Q&A interview series featuring several of the filmmakers whose work was selected as an official selection of the 2011 Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, is indie horror multi-hyphenate Dave Reda.

Exclusive Trailer Debut: Dave Reda's My Undeadly Short Film

Dave Reda and his crazed cohorts at Elftwin Films are at it again with a new short film entitled My Undeadly, and they've given Dread Central the first look at its trailer. We've seen the zombie-themed short already (and loved it!), but the hardest part of talking about it is not giving away the ending so we're just going to let Dave himself fill you in.

Exclusive Online Debut of Dave Reda's The Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

As promised, today we bring you the exclusive online debut of Dave Reda's killer romantic horror comedy short film "The Horror of Our Love" to close out Dread Central's Indie Horror Month celebration.

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive New Trailer for Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

Here at Dread Central we love indie horror filmmakers, and quite a few of them love us back. Like Dave Reda, who not only is graciously allowing DC to be home to the online debut of his killer romantic horror comedy short film "Horror of Our Love" next week to close out Indie Horror Month but also edited together an exclusive new trailer in honor of the event!

Indie Horror Month: Dave Reda's Top Five Independent Horror Films

Writer/director/actor Dave Reda has made a name for himself over the last few years with his indie genre projects including Bit Parts and his most recent effort, Horror of Our Love (which screened recently as part of the Los Angeles Comedy Festival).

CONTEST CLOSED! Win an On-Screen Used Prop from Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

"Horror of Our Love", a short film by Dave Reda and Elftwin Films, has been making the festival rounds - and winning awards at many of them. And it's scheduled to screen at two additional fests in California during the month of August. To celebrate, Dave and Elftwin are offering Dread Central readers the chance to win a prop utilized in the film: a severed arm holding flowers. Read on for the details.

CONTEST CLOSED! Be Among the First to See Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

In late February we gave you a behind-the-scenes look at "Horror of Our Love", a new short film by Dave Reda and Elftwin Films. Now YOU can be one of the first to get an exclusive online sneak peek of the biggest horror short/music video of 2010. Featuring music by the awesome and twisted band Ludo, this sucker rocks!

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Horror of Our Love

As the old adage goes, good things come in small packages, so here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for standout short films that deliver the goods, and this weekend we found one: Elftwin Films' "Horror of Our Love", a romantic horror comedy that twists the normal love story back until it breaks!

Bit Parts (DVD)

Starring Sarah Gordon, Christopher Page, Michelle Angel, Dave Reda, Molly Fix Directed by Dave Reda Distributed by Cinema Epoch