Dave Parker

The Hills Run Red Site Now Open

In celebration and anticipation of its September 29th release date, Dave Parker's modern slasher flick The Hills Run Red has gotten itself a brand spanking new website that's riddled with clips, new stills, and even a blog for you to keep track of. Huzzah!

The Hills Run Red with Clips!

We're closing in on September 29, the date when Dave Parker's modern slasher flick The Hills Run Red bows on DVD, courtesy of Warner Home Video. To get you in the mood for some Babyface inspired carnage, we've gotten our hands on several clips including a "vintage" trailer!

The Hills Run Red With Key Art

We're closing in on September 29, the date when Dave Parker's modern slasher flick The Hills Run Red bows on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Warner Home Video. While all of us good little horror fans wait patiently for the killing spree of Babyface, we bring you these stills to help tide you over.

SDCC 09: The Hills Run Red Trailer Available Now!

It feels like we've been waiting forever to get a glimpse of this promising new slasher flick from Dave Parker. Well, the wait is over because you can finally feast your eyes on the film's trailer!

SDCC 09: The Con's Hills Run Red!

Unlike most of my horror friends, I’ve yet to see The Hills Run Red. The slasher fanatic in me is frothing at the mouth, and each glowing review I read only makes things worse. If you’re going to be at Comic-Con this week, get your ass over to Booth #4329 to get the latest on Dave Parker’s eagerly awaited genre flick.

The Hills Run Red: Extensive Interview with Dave Parker

Here at Dread Central we're really excited for you guys to check out Dave Parker's new slasher film, The Hills Run Red. The reason why is because we've seen it and know exactly how much ass it kicks. Now it's time for you to be brought up-to-speed and into the know.

Set a Date with The Hills Run Red

Finally Dave Parker's slasher-fest The Hills Run Red has got itself a release date to go along with its bitchin' cover art!

DVD Art for The Hills Run Red

A note from Dread Central reader Joey M sent us over to Ludovico Technique's website, where we found the DVD cover art for Dave Parker's upcoming The Hills Run Red.

The Hills Run Red Premiere is Imminent!

The Hills Run Red is set to strike this coming weekend as the film finally reaches its long awaited release date.

First Stills: The Hills Run Red

It's amazing how one thing can quickly morph into another. While prepping a story about the Midnight Adrenaline entries of the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival, I happened upon not one, but two stills from Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red (first impressions)!

First Impressions: The Hills Run Red

In case you're wondering why the news updates were so scarce here yesterday it was because we were in LA attending an industry screening for Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red. We do get to leave the office every now and again, ya know. It happens. I swear. Anyway -- wow, was this one worth the trip!

Fango Weekend of Horrors Highlights

While an official event report is coming soon along with a photo gallery depicting the lunacy, we thought we'd bring you some quick and dirty details about three of the event's darkest offerings! What has Dread Central excited? Get ready for an earful!

Duo Joins The Hills Run Red

Shooting is underway in scenic Bulgaria on Dave Parker’s The Hills Run Red, which is now a production of Dark Castle Entertainment and Warner Premiere. Since cameras are rolling, it’s a good thing they have settled on a cast for the film, no?

EXCLUSIVE: Shock Festival Art in Hills Run Red!

Just got the first word from Stephen Romano himself that posters from the upcoming Shock Festival book will be appearing in The Hills Run Red.

Dave Parker Returns!

Remember The Dead Hate the Living? It was a very low budget zombie movie from back in the day when such things were still cool, before everyone with a camcorder got theirs made and released by Lionsgate or some such nonsense. Ever wonder what happened to the film's director, Dave Parker?