Dark Sky Films

Dark Sky Films Breaks Out into a Cold Sweat

After a successful run at the SXSW 2011 Film Festival, we wondered when Cold Sweat (a.k.a. Sudor Frío) was going to get a home. Well, it has found one with the good folks over at Dark Sky Films, and we have all the details and a brand spanking new still for you! From the Press Release

2011 LA Film Festival: Screening Info and a New Still from The Innkeepers

Ti West's The Innkeepers will be playing on June 19th and 22nd at this year's LA Film Festival, and in honor of the occasion, a new still from the film has been released by Dark Sky Films. Synopsis

Dark Sky Films, Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central Present the U.S. Premiere of Wake Wood!

You want cool? We've got cool. Dark Sky Films, Bloody Disgusting, and Dread Central have come together to bring fans the new thriller from one of the most famous names in horror! In Los Angeles? Planning to be in LA later this month? This is one event you do not want to miss as the abovementioned trio is proud to present the U.S. premiere of Wake Wood, a Hammer Films Production.

Stake Land Hits Home Video in August

To say the latest vampire opus Stake Land is good is a bit of an understatement. If you haven't seen it yet and prefer your vampires free of emo angst and sparkles, holy shit, brothers and sisters - you are in for a treat as the flick is getting set to make its home video debut in just a couple of short months. Look for it in stores on August 2, 2011.

Badass Sales Trailer Debut - Hypothermia

Get ready to feast your eyes on what's likely to be the best damned trailer we'll see all week. Hell, maybe even all month. We've been talking about Hypothermia for a while. Now we'll let it start talking for itself.

Two New Army of Frankenstein Promo Videos March Their Way Online

More promo videos from Richard Raaphorst’s latest project have found their way online, and we can only hope and pray that this film actually happens unlike the stellar looking Worst Case Scenario. We're still heartbroken over that one. Anyway, check out the goods and get excited. From the Press Release

Exclusive: Nick Damici Talks Stake Land

In Jim Mickle’s Stake Land, actor Nick Damici plays a mysterious survivor simply known as Mister whose knack for saving others and his ability to kick some vampire ass led to him being the ‘leader’ of a group of survivors in search of safety in an area known as New Eden.

Two New Stake Land Character Prequels: Jebediah and Willie

Two more new character prequels for Jim Mickle's post-apocalyptic terror tale Stake Land have shown up online, and of course we have them for you right here. Prepare to meet Jebediah and Willie during the time leading up to the horrific events of the film.

Exclusive: Connor Paolo Talks Stake Land

Horror fans may not necessarily recognize the name Connor Paolo, but there are millions of people worldwide who will. The up-and-coming actor is part of the ensemble of young talent that makes up The CW’s hit show “Gossip Girl.” Now Paolo is set to leave his impression on the genre everywhere when Jim Mickle’s Stake Land opens in limited theatrical release this Friday.

Exclusive: Director Jim Mickle Talks Stake Land

It’s hard to believe it’s been about five years since writer/director Jim Mickle released his impressive feature film debut Mulberry Street, which was his exploration of the darker side of humanity amidst a zombie outbreak. Now Mickle is back with his haunting take on the vampire subgenre of horror, Stake Land.

Stake Land Preliminary Release Info; More Character Prequels Coming Soon

We heard from the folks at Glass Eye Pix today with regard to when and where you'll be able to see the post-apocalyptic vampire epic Stake Land as it begins its nationwide roll-out on April 22nd, and while not a lot of cities are on the preliminary list, we definitely expect a lot more to pop up once people see how totally badass this film is.

Trailer Debut - Darkness Falls on Stake Land; New Facebook Page

Finally the official trailer for Jim Mickle's toothy new vampire flick Stake Land is here, and just like the film itself, it's a winner. Grab your own Mr. Pointy and start watchin'.

Exclusive Update: Adam Green on Hatchet 3

Since its announcement there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming sequel Hatchet 3. Loads of info has been popping up here and there regarding casting news, etc. So, as a means to get to the bottom of it, we went to the man himself ...

Two Stake Land Character Prequels Strike Before the Horror Comes

When it comes to ferocious vampire action, Stake Land has all the bite that you could possibly hope for, but before all of that wonderful carnage begins, how about getting to know a few of the characters a little bit better?

New Stake Land One-Sheet Explores the Dangers of Being Alive

Words alone are not enough to express how excited we are for Stake Land to be unleashed upon the masses. Finally an epic vampire film with tons of bite is here, and that's much cause for celebration!