Dark Shadows

Yet Another Dark Shadows Banner One-Sheet

The promotional team behind Tim Burton's upcoming flick Dark Shadows continues their ongoing quest to take the film's characters and arrange them in every way possible with this latest banner ad.

Spend Another 60 Seconds Traversing the World of Dark Shadows

Guess what? We have another TV spot for you in promotion of Dark Shadows! Haven't seen one of those in a while, huh? Man, I wonder if this one will look even slightly like the TV series it's based upon. Only one way to find out...

New Dark Shadows TV Spot Delves into the Legend of the Vampire

Another day, another Dark Shadows TV spot that reminds us of just how much this looks and feels anything like the source material. Still, we hope for the best; yet, we're still concerned about Barnabas somehow finding an ape sitting atop the chair of the Lincoln Memorial at the film's conclusion.

Latest Dark Shadows Banner Has Lots of Character

It seems as if the promotional team behind Tim Burton's upcoming flick Dark Shadows is looking to take its characters and arrange them in every way possible. Hence this new banner.

Nine Full Bodied Dark Shadows One-Sheets

It's that time of day again. Yep, once again we're ready to roll out a plethora of new Dark Shadows goodies for you to either complain about or adore. A polarizing project if ever there was one. Check 'em out!

Latest Dark Shadows TV Spot Asks What You Know About Barnabas Collins

More Dark Shadows footage appears in this latest TV spot, which tries really hard to put some child-bearing hips to good use. Amused? Bemused? Disgusted? Read on!

Second Dark Shadows TV Spot Hits Something

The more we see of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, the less it feels like the classic television show, which played like a Hammer horror soap opera, and this latest TV spot doesn't change that. Still, we are withholding judgment until we see the whole thing!

Lots of New Footage Found in Dark Shadows TV Spot; More Behind-the-Scenes Images!

Well this is kind of surprising. Usually TV spots consist of trimmed down versions of theatrical trailers, and while this one has that too, it also has some never before soon goodies. Dig it!

Nine Eye-Popping Dark Shadows Character Posters

Who's up for some colorful character action? If you raised your hand while sitting in front of your computer screen, you not only look like a complete idiot, but you're also in luck! Read on!

An International Dark Shadows Trailer Offers New Footage!

Reaction to the Dark Shadows trailer has been mixed to say the least. Honestly? To us it more or less looks like Dark Shadows in name only, but we want to give it the benefit of the doubt. Anyway... here's the international trailer for everyone to argue about.

A Myriad of Dark Shadows Lunacy

Okay, kids! Thus far we've gotten the trailer, and a one-sheet. How about dozens of stills from Tim Burton's take on the television classic Dark Shadows? Read on for the goodies.

The Official Dark Shadows Trailer and Poster Rise from the Coffin

With bootleg copies of the Dark Shadows trailer being yanked from the Net as fast as they were put up over the course of the day, finally the official trailer is here; and it's... well... it's a little goofy but overall really promising! Judge for yourselves, and let us know what you think.

Dark Shadows ... The Countdown to the Trailer Begins; New Footage Surfaces!

A new website has been soft launched for Tim Burton's take on Dark Shadows featuring a countdown clock that ticks the moments away until you can see the trailer. But wait... that's not all!

UPDATED: Dark Shadows Trailer to Premiere Thursday March 15th on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Wondering when you'll be able to see the trailer for Tim Burton's take on the holy grail of vampire themed TV shows, Dark Shadows? Well, the answer has come... you just have to dance around with Ellen DeGeneres first.

Complete Dark Shadows DVD Box Set Details Announced!

Before Twilight and "True Blood" there was the gripping TV saga of vampire Barnabas Collins known as "Dark Shadows". It rises again on May 8, 2012, in an extraordinary 131-DVD box set featuring 1,225 episodes, and we have all the details right here.