Dark Hollow

Get Teased Inside Dark Hollow

The official teaser trailer has premiered for the next film adaptation based on a novel by Brian Keene, Dark Hollow. Read on for the gory details and of course to check out the eye candy.

Dark Hollow Slated for Spring 2013 Production

The next film adaptation based on a novel by Brian Keene, Dark Hollow, continues to move forward; and we have the latest update on its progress. Read on for the gory details.

Devil's Rock Director Ready to Enter Brian Keene's Dark Hollow

It's wonderful seeing horror author Brian Keene getting the recognition he so richly deserves, and we're completely stoked to tell you cats that the next film adaptation based on his work, Dark Hollow, has taken a big step forward.

Goatman Terrorizes Dark Hollow

I've been wondering when someone would make a movie about a goatman. Though not specifically about the axe-swining Goatman of Pennsylvanian urban legend, the forthcoming chiller Dark Hollow, based on the novel by popular horror author Brian Keene, will offer up a satyr, a mythological half-man/half-goat, using its hypnotic powers to seduce a man's wife in order to keep its species alive.

Dark Hollow Getting the Film Treatment

Horror author Brian Keene and British Fantasy Award winning writer Paul Finch are working together to create Dark Hollow, a supposed return to the classic horror/monster movie based on Brian Keene's best selling novel of the same name. Nifty!

Madonna's Brother Comes to Horror

Though we don’t have a helluva lot of details, all right none outside of the title, I think it’s interesting enough to note that not only does Madonna have a brother with a last name (all right that's just news to me ... I don't keep up on such things), but he’s making his directorial debut in our genre.