Dark Flight

New Trailer Touches Down for Dark Flight 407

While the jury is still out on exactly what the hell the official title of this movie is, Dark Flight or Dark Flight 407, a new trailer with English subtitles has arrived at your horror loving gate. Be there to greet it!

Two New One-Sheets for Dark Flight 407

Ready for some more international eye candy? Good! Two new posters for Dark Flight 407 have arrived at the Dread Central terminal, and you can grab them both here to take along with your carry on items.

International Trailer for Dark Flight 407 Takes Off

Alrighty then! Pull up your seats, make sure your belongings are stowed away neatly, and check that your tray tables are locked in the upright position. It's time for a slice of Thai terror sans subtitles. Check it out!

Thailand Goes 3D with Dark Flight

Thailand is ready to throw its hat into the 3D arena by releasing the country's first ever 3D horror movie, Dark Flight. Are they in time, or has the craze already taken off for greener pastures?

More Foreign Horrors Emerging From Cannes

There are lots of projects coming out of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this year, including offerings from all over the world. Two of them have hit our horror radar, and we've got the goods on both for you!