Dark Castle

Two More From Dark Castle

If you’re like most horror fans, I’m sure the first thing you said when you finished watching Return to House on Haunted Hill was “goddamn, we need another one of these!” Well fear not, for Dark Castle has heard your cries!

Orphan Chosen

The Hollywood Reporter have learned that Isabelle Fuhrman will make her acting debut as the titular character in The Orphan, the new film from Dark Castle being helmed by House of Wax remake director Jaume Collet-Serra.

Dark Castle Finds an Orphan

What is the trend with evil children movies these days? None of the ones I’ve seen/heard of have been made with the same creepiness that made the subgenre cool in the first place, but someone out there will get it right again I’m sure. I doubt, however, that someone is Dark Castle.

Beckinsale Signs for Whiteout

Kate Beckinsale has fully come onboard Whiteout according to Variety. The film is set to be directed by Swordfish helmer Dominic Sena, and we first mentioned it to you back here, laying out many compliments in Kate’s lap in the process. Still no call from her, though. But we persevere!

Dark Castle Made Good Again?

A new deal has been put through by uber-producer Joel Silver that may change the way we react when we hear about a film being produced by Dark Castle, which over the years has been more "miss" than "hit".